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Two Feet of Air And Able to See All the Snow on the Mountains – California and the Canyons from Tahoe

California and the Canyons takes on Tahoe.

The Westcoast Blogger

Sunny California sure has made for a fun few days! We’ve already made it through our first three stops–it’s unbelievable!

Our first full day at Lake Tahoe was full of majestic views, which both Jahnna and Samantha thought were beautiful. We waterskiied and tubed, which was a favorite for Alex F. She loved the views around the lake as we enjoyed our beach day.  Tyler said that he enjoyed water skiing because he got 2 feet of air and was able to see all the snow on the mountains. We had a bbq for lunch and then went sailing all around Lake Tahoe. Nicole and Danielle C. both thought it was really relaxing and cool to see all of Lake Tahoe.

Camping has also been a blast. For most of us, this is a new thing and we were shocked at how nice it is to camp Westcoast style. Brad and Lina enjoyed it because not only was it a new experience, but they also met new people and made new friends. The food has been great too, which Jake and Jonah have both enjoyed throughout our camping and travel days.

After traveling to Southern California, we hit the beaches of Ventura for a relaxing stay, where we enjoyed the beach and a trip to the movies. We even learned how to do our own  laundry (wash, dry, and fold), so now we  can say with confidence that we’re ready for college!

Tomorrow we’re off to the city of Angels for four days. More updates to come, but until then, we’re going to keep enjoying beautiful California!

Tracy, Ricky, Lisa, Matt, Ronit, and David