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Twilight Photo Scavanger Hunts – Northwest Passage

Our first update from the Northwest Passage!

 The Westcoast Blogger

Hey Family!

We’re a week into the trip and there are already tons of adventures, stories and memories to be shared. Upon arriving at our first campsite, everyone learned how to set up tents, unload the vans and learn to live in the wilderness! The following day we headed off to Ocean Shores, Washington where we learned how to surf. Matt and Nikko were the first boys to get up and ride some waves! The girls really got the hang of it. Sarah, Greer, Hannah S. and Hannah G. all got up on the first day as well. By their second day, most trip members (and some staff!) were surfing like pros.

From Ocean Shores we headed to Forks, Washington, the home of the Twilight books. Along the way, Jacob DJed one of the SUVs which made the car ride fly by. On the fourth of July, our first day in Forks, we saw a demolition derby and an awesome fireworks show. The next day we all went white water kayaking! Andrew F. had the adventurer award that day. That evening we had a Twilight Photo Scavanger Hunt! Celeste, Allison, Dana, Rachel and Ariel were jumpng out of the car and doing everything they could to get their teams in the lead. On our last day in Forks we took a hike in Olympic National Park. Afterwards, the group relaxed in these amazing hot springs.

These past few days we’ve been in Seattle! Yesterday we went to the Space Needle, the Experience Music Project, the Pacific Science Center and played the whacky game of Whirlyball. Max, Austin, Will and Andrew L. really enjoyed the science center where they participated in some cool (and sometimes scary!) science experiments!  Today we’re heading to Mt. Rainier where we will be true adventuerers! 

Hope all is well!

The Northwest Passage Staff