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Tubing and Waterskiing in Lake Tahoe – California & The Canyons

The California and the Canyons trip checks in from Lake Tahoe.

Dear Families of Westcoast Connection California and the Canyons,

Hope your summers are going well! We have had another exciting few days since our last update. After San Francisco, we made our way to Lake Tahoe. On the way we stopped in Reno, Nevada for some amazing white water rafting. When  we got to our beautiful campsite in Lake Tahoe, we were greeted by Kyle and Sascha from our Westcoast Connection team, who got us familiar with all the camping basics. Camping has definitely been one of the many highlights of the trip so far. Between setting up our tents and cooking our own delicious food (including Asian stir-fry, a home-made Italian meal, and even chocolate fondue for dessert), we were able to bond even more. One of the funniest moments of the whole trip was when Alix and Lauren G were pouring the leftover pasta sauce into a bag, which ripped and poured all over the floor. With the help of Mike, their staff, they  proceeded to scoop it all up with gloves into other bags while laughing uncontrollably. When we woke up on Friday morning, all the Canadians including Kim, Darby, Jennfer, Saffire, Sloane and Kaily sang the Canadian national anthem to start off the day. To celebrate, we asked all trip members to say ‘Eh’ as often as possible. Our day at Lake Tahoe was unbelievable! There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the lake was crystal clear and surrounded by snow-capped mountains. We all had an opportunity to go waterskiing or tubing. Rosey, Jess C, and many others were complete naturals with waterskiing! After a barbeque on the beach we spent the afternoon sailing around Lake Tahoe on a catamaran. Someone found a set of Dr. Seuss books on the boat, and Lauren G read everyone’s childhood favorites while we enjoyed the spectacular scenery. Back at the campsite, we had a flash mob competition. For those who don’t know, a flash mob is when a group of people spontaneously performs a song or dance in a public space, surprising and delighting the public. In groups of 10, we each worked on a dance and competed against each other. The winning team, consisting of Paige B, Alex, Josh, Roger, Ludovica, Ally B, Jennifer, Darby, Lauren G, and Jordan, made a hilarious dance to ‘Party Rock.’ We left Lake Tahoe for Ventura Beach and we spent a beautifulsunny day at the beach. Ryan, Dylan, and Jeremy had a great time in the waves. After some hang-out time at the campsite, we enjoyed our final night in Ventura  at the movies. The next day was the 4th of July. After singing the national anthem in the morning, we headed straight for Universal Studios!!! Our whole group took a studio tour together where we got to visit Wisteria Lane from ‘Desperate Housewives,’ The Bates Motel from‘Psycho’ and many other sets. We went on thrill rides like ‘The Mummy’ and‘Jurassic Park’ and saw characters from Shrek and many other movies. While eating dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, we got to see some amazing Rock & Roll memorabilia (one of Elvis’ jackets, Kurt Cobain’s guitar, etc). Ethan was particularly knowledgeable about some of the most important musicians of the rock and roll era. One of the major highlights of the day was when a band started playing 80s music outside the restaurant and our whole group spontaneously started practicing our flash mob dance in front of the band. Imagine all 50 of us suddenly doing a synchronized dance in the middle of CityWalk. After dinner, we had some free time to walk around the area. Darby and Jake W performed a dance of their own in front of local musicians (many tourists enjoyed it so much that they took pictures and videos of them and one of the musicians gave them her CD). We have already checked into the UCLA dorms. Everyone is very excited about how nice the facilities are. After a good night’s rest, we will continue our time in Los Angeles at the Museum of Tolerance and Disneyland. This group of ours is really something special. The friendships that have been made are so strong, and it’s still hard to believe that we have only known each other for a week! We are all looking forward to continuing this amazing experience and enjoying the next chapter of our trip.

Best wishes,

Your Staff: Lauren, Michael, Louis, Jill, Carly, and Laura

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