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Time to Boogie – Peru, Ecuador & the Galapagos Adventure

Time to Boogie - Peru, Ecuador & the Galapagos Adventure 1

Our time in Huacachina Oasis was fabulous. We arrived at our beautiful hotel after dark so the next morning we woke up to a wonderful surprise, our hotel was surrounded by miles of sand dunes! Some of our TMs decided to take the plunge right away and hike to the top of the sand dune to appreciate the incredible views. Others chose to lounge by the pool with fresh juice and a good read.   Just when we thought the day couldn’t get better…it did. We hopped into dune buggies straight from the front steps of our hotel and rode the roller coaster into the vast hills of sand. After we disembarked from our respective vehicles it was time to boogie. Lying on our stomachs and racing down hills  on a board was by far a trip high for everyone. We came back with spirits soaring  and adrenaline pumping.  We used this opportunity to connect as a group with a trip bonding activity before  breaking into smaller groups for dinner. Everybody enjoyed our South American Fourth of July. The next day we headed to Lima and said adios to our time in Peru. It’s been an amazing week thus far and we look toward to meeting the next 6 trip members and new staff, Dave, that will join us for the Ecuador/ Galapagos portion of our travels!


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