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Time is Flying! – Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands Community Service

Hello Family and Friends of the Ecuador & Galapagos Islands Community Service Program,

Time on this trip is moving so fast. We can´t believe it is almost over! We are currently in San Cristobal in the Galapagos Islands. Our time here has been wonderful. We went kayaking in the ocean in the morning and saw a sting ray and a sea turtle. After that we got to go on a boat ride, which was extremely fun. Our boat stopped half way through our journey, so that we could snorkel. Everyone loved seeing the different kinds of fish, especially Josh and Andrew, who kept deep diving to get a closer look. Alex C. really enjoyed the boat ride because he got to sit up top with the captain! As we docked at San Cristobal we saw a ton of sea lions, and all the trip members got a lot of great pictures. Samantha really enjoyed seeing the adorable creatures, and kept pointing them out, so that we could all see them.

For our first day of service we layed rocks for the foundation of the Boy Scout Recreation Center. The work was hard, but very rewarding. Sam B., Kyle, Russell, and Andrew volunteered first, and worked on separating the rocks from the sand, so that we could make concrete. They did a fantastic job, and were really sweaty by the end. Lisa and Alli proved their strength once again by moving rocks bigger than we thought possible. Matt helped make sure that every crack was filled and level. We wouldn´t have succeeded if he wasn´t there helping. The two men we worked with were very hard workers, and kept everyone on task. They showed everyone how to hand mix cement and how to pour it. The group formed a line and passed the bucket from one end to the other. This made the work go much faster, and we all enjoyed working together.

After our day of service we had another opportunity to go snorkeling. We went to Darwin´s Bay and swam with the sea lions. Crystal loved how much fun swimming with them was, and took at least a hundred pictures with her underwater camera. Dinner was delicious, and for Danni´s birthday we all got chocolate rolls. After dinner we stopped at the local bakery and the trip members bought out the store. Everything tasted wonderful, and everyone made sure to share.

Our second day of service looked a lot like our first, but this time we were experts at mixing cement. We got right to work and once again formed our line to make the work go faster. This time Mollie was at the end making sure the buckets were really empty before passing them to the next group. Each person passed the bucket by tossing it down the line. Morgan was our team captain, and Sam R. kept the line on task. Eventually it became a game of who could catch the bucket one handed with their non-dominant hand. Sam R. won with a record of 20 catches in a row. Alexandra and Lauren finished out the line, where they would hand the bucket to Haleigh and Lisa, who filled them again for round two.

During our service a few of our more artistic members began working on the 360° sign that would be on display. Those that helped design the sign, paint it, and make sure it was beautiful were Jackie, Rebecca, Danni, Morgan, and Haleigh. Each of them did a great job, and their sign will be proof of their hard work. We are loving our time here, and are sad that our last day is fast approaching.

 We have finished our service and will be playing hard the rest of the trip. We look forward to seeing everyone at home, and telling them all about our amazing journey.

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