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Thrills in Vegas – Californian Extravaganza

Thrills in Vegas - Californian Extravaganza 1

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On our way to Las Vegas, we made a quick stop for lunch where Ryan, Danny, Ross, Colin and Drew gulfed down some delicious pizza. “It was extra cheesy,” exclaimed Drew. We arrived at the Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas in the afternoon, just in time to enjoy their facilities: pool, gym, lazy river, wave pool, and shops. Zack and Andrew went to catch some waves in the wave pool, while Emily, Rachel K. and Amanda B. soaked up the sun after taking a quick dip. In the evening, we went to  NY, NY where we rode the indoor/outdoor roller coaster and afterwards ate dinner. Maddy got to enjoy a very memorable birthday, as all her best friends took part in singing her “Happy Birthday” and helped her cut the cake.  To end the night, the trip members got to shop at both the M&M store and the Coca Cola store, which were both four stories high.

The next say, after a delicious breakfast, we ventured to the Stratosphere where we rode 109 stories high in order to ride one of the most exciting thrill rides in all North America. Davi, Sophia, Jesse and Cali rode the X-scream roller coaster in the front row, which is a ride that​feels like you are being thrown off the building at full speed and then slowly pulls back up. Danny and Drew rode the claw, which is a ride that takes you off the top of the building, tilts you face down, and spins you around, giving the​ riders​ an epic view of all of Las Vegas. We then headed to the Vegas famous, Forum shops. The atmosphere and the light show was incredible!​
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For dinner, we went to Bucca Di Beppo, where Sloan, Rachel G, Amanda K, Zoe H, Zoe S, Sammi, Ilana and Maya were non stop laughing. Drew could not stop talking about the amazing eggplant. After dinner, we went to the Bellagio Fountains, where Zack and Lola were very impressed by the water show. The next morning, we went to Zion National Park, where Colin enjoyed​ the greatest views from every point possible. For dinner, we went to the Chuck Wagon Cookout, which is also known as Utah’s Little Hollywood because this is where they filmed many old country western movies. Spencer Sc.​ had a great time roaming around the museum and Harrison had a blast dressing up as a bandit.

We finally made it to our campground, where the staff broke the theme of color war 2015.  It was a battle between rap, rock, hip hop and country music. Shout out to the amazing team captains: Colin, Sophia, Danny, Emily, Zac, Alexa, Zack and Lola. Each captain showed amazing leadership. Colin was able to hold a plank the longest out of everyone, lasting 182 seconds. Throughout the day, the teams competed in a soccer tournament, an Apache race, and a lip sync battle. All the teams came up with an alma mater that they rehearsed and shared with the rest of the group to end color war. In the end, the white team (rap) was victorious.

As we head to Arizona and the last few days of the trip, everyone is getting pumped to see the Grand Canyon, enjoy the Pink Jeep Tour, and truly enjoy and cherish the friendships that have become so strong since the start of the trip!

-The Westcoast Blogger

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