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Thrilling Times in San Diego and Vegas

Hi Parents!


So we’ve had a very busy and fun-filled four days full of changes for all of us. We have created a new and exciting atmosphere.


Our first day in San Diego was spent at the beach where everybody was split into two groups. One group got to go surfing while the other group swam on the beach. Half way through the day, the 2 groups switched. For many it was their first time swimming in the Pacific Ocean, so they got to cross that off their bucket list. Lea, Sydney, and Michael all were super excited for surfing and did swimmingly (pun fully intended). After surfing we headed towards the amazing Doubletree Resort, where we all snacked on cookies and took a well-deserved night off.


Our second day in San Diego began with the zoo where there were animals from all over the world such as elephants, giraffes, flamingos, and more! We began our visit with a guided tour of the zoo, where we got a taste of everything. Everybody then split up and explored the areas that interested them the most. Most people headed towards the giant panda bear, which the San Diego Zoo is famous for, and watched him munch on bamboo languidly. Sarah, Sabrina, Jacob B., and Andrew all got awesome pictures of the panda. After the zoo we headed towards the Ultrazone Laser Tag facilities, where we played several rounds of laser tag. Alex W. and Jake M. rocked the scoreboards while we were there.


The following day we headed towards Las Vegas, Nevada, to view the amazing buildings and famous Las Vegas strip, which housed the M&M shop, Coke shop, Bellagio, Forum Shops and more. Upon arrival we immediately headed towards the pool, where people hung out and played some volleyball. That night we went to on the New York, New York rollercoaster, which was terrifyingly awesome! We followed that up with stops in both the M&M and Coke shop, where people tried out the Cokes of the World drinks and explored 4 levels of M&M’s (who knew there could be so many M&M products).


The next day we had a sleep in day, which re-energized everybody! Then we headed out to the Forum Shops where people saw the inside of the spectacularly decorated Caesars Palace. While there Josh B., Ben, and many others got to see DeMarcus Cousins, the Sacramento Kings’ starting power forward, and even got a photo with him! Following dinner we headed towards the Stratosphere to ride on the thrill rides that stood at 1,149 feet above ground, outside. Danielle, Alexis, Rachel S., and Jessica B. were courageous and rode some of the rides, such as the Big Shot.


We ended our time in Las Vegas with the beautiful fountain show put on by the Bellagio, which was accompanied by classical music. Dylan said that it was one of his favorite parts of Las Vegas.


Our next two days will be spent camping in Utah, accompanied by plenty of fun, active hikes and some amazing sights! So stay tuned and be sure to check out the pictures online as well so you can tag along!


Until next time.

The Westcoast Blogger