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Three Countries, One Blog – ON TOUR Backpack Croatia, Slovenia, Austria & Czech Republic

Ovi from the beautiful Croatia!

Our trip has really, truly been action packed, there’s no other way around it. What’s most important though, is all the fun, laughter and memories we’re making along the way. No doubt, this trip has not been lacking in any of the above.

We left off our last blog as we were heading into Vienna. It was a short stay but we took in the city with open arms and hearts! The first night included dinner out where you’ll be happy to know, most of our Trip Members got right into the Austrian culture and ordered, of course, Schnitzel. We followed dinner with a night on the town where some trip members sampled a piece of world-renowned chocolate cake known at a downtown Vienna hotel.

Vienna was good for our souls but boy did it ever give us a run for our money! Our second day there started with a tour of the Schonbrunn Palace and gardens. Then after lunch, our team took a bike ride through the streets of the historic city – beyond the sights and sounds we took in during the bike ride, we also definitely realized which of us were out of shape (some of us older folk still feel that burn until now!) Our day ended with a night out at the Prater amusement park which definitely challenged our inner adrenaline junkies. A big shoutout to Jake who, with a little encouragement from staff and friends, did the scariest ride in the park! (And even smiled the whole time).

We waved goodbye to Vienna the next morning and welcomed our pleasant stay in Lake Bled, Slovenia. We’re not sure if it was the majestic lake with swans and people fishing, or the castles lining the mountain-view as we sat around for dinner…but something in Bled really spoke to us and many of us agree, it was a fantastic part of our trip. Don’t let this fool you into thinking we sat around staring at mountains for three days! We got right to it when we arrived hitting the beach club in town, then a night out doing an Alpine toboggan (think: go-kart on a windy track down a ski-hill – it was hilariously fun!) Dinner followed our mini adventure and time for some souvenir shopping.

OT BP Croatia, Slovenia, Austria & Czech Republic in Vienna

Our second day was packed but the most memorable so far – and most challenging! The team was split in two with the first group canyoning in the morning, then rock climbing and canoeing in the afternoon and vice-versa.  Canyoning definitely tested our limits and our mind-over-matter abilities with six metre jumps into the freezing water below. We had our fearless few: AJ, Anna, Matt, Ally, and Allison. There was so much teamwork and encouragement among our “family” that as staff, half the fun was watching everyone come together and help one-another get through, even when fear got the better of some. We took in a local, annual tradition in Bled that night – The White Party. We all wore our finest white outfits and dolled up for the street festival. We couldn’t leave Slovenia without a tour of the UNESCO protected Skocjan Caves, followed by a lovely afternoon in the Capital, Ljubljana for our third and final day there. We had a very ethnic and traditional meal that night on a backdrop of historic architecture, European culture at-large and the sounds of a city so unknown to most.

OT BP Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic in Split

As the story goes, our trip continues at full speed ahead into Croatia. We’ve already had dinner out on the town and a fun night at a local hotspot for dancing! We’re well into our stay in Split and now understand the history of the city and the Old Town palace after our guided tour. We also understand what July is like in a warm, beautiful European city – busy! We spent the afternoon of our second day on the beach along with probably the rest of Europe that’s vacationing in this gem of a city.

We haven’t stopped for a second and with less than a week left, we plan to stay the course and soak in every minute and of course, each other. We’re so excited for our white water rafting extravaganza and more beach time! We’re also heading on a mini-cruise to Vis Island before we leave for Dubrovnik!

Until we chat again, rest assured we’re taking good care of your little angels and working to bring them back more mature, worldly adults ready for any life adventure that makes itself known.

Smiles and waves,

The Westcoast Blogger

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