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The Wonders of Rome! – Backpack Greece & Italy

Buon Giorno from Italia!

Our trip members all arrived safely inRome and received a taste of backpack travel right away as we took the Leonardo Express train from the airport into the city.  The time passed quickly as Cody educated us all on Roman and Greek mythology.  You’d never guess that our group had just traveled all the way from North America, as nothing could slow us down while exploring the city on day one.  We discovered the Piazza del Popolo and climbed the Spanish Steps in the afternoon only stopping for dinner, where Sydneywas surprised to receive an entire fish on her plate after ordering the grilled salmon.  But this didn’t stop her from bravely cutting into it and filling up on delicious, fresh fish.  We have been fortunate to catch some of the Euro 2012 soccer tournament in the evenings, where Adam showed off his prognosticating abilities by correctly predicting the winner, and final score of the Portugal-Spain match!  We were also lucky to experience the jubilation of the Italian people in Rome after Italy upset both England and Germany!

During our tour of Rome, Jacob quickly made friends with our guide Cornelius, and spent most of the day at his side asking questions and learning about the history of the ancient city. Seeing the Colosseum in person, something that we know has stood for over 2000 years, was such an incredible moment. Having all seen the movie the Gladiator, and knowing the stories of what happened all those years ago, it was easy to imagine what kind of action & adventure these walls once contained.

From there, we moved on to the Vatican, where we all stood in amazement as we stared up at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  No words can describe the beauty and detail of Michaelagelo’s work. Throughout the day Jennie used her skills as a navigator to lead us to the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, and the hotel. We have also been able to sample many local foods, but during one special dinner we were serenaded in Italian and we all learned how good Ben looks in a toga.  While exploring the Piazza Navona, Carly found a two-month-old puppy named Piccolo at an artist’s stall and liked it much more than any of the artist’s actual paintings. No matter how much she held it, took pictures with it, and wanted to keep him, the only thing any of us left the piazza with were bellies full of gelato.

Looking forward to catching you up with all of the amazing things we are doing in future updates!

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