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The Tired Feeling That Comes With Changing The World – Community Service Arizona

A reflection by Community Service Arizona.

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Dear Arizona Parents,

This past week has flown by. Our group became a family. We did some incredibly fun things like hiking, swimming, chiilin’ at a waterpark but no doubt the most amazing parts have been the service and we ended the program with two amazing partners helping out in such different ways to what we accomplished with Hacienda healthcare.

Animal Shelter and Habitat for Humanity Restore

Many of the tour members say that the animal shelter is the best part of the trip.  We first watched a riveting documentary on animal behavior, learning the nuances of how dogs show what their feeling through body language.  We then began our fun by either walking dogs or petting kittens.  Abby went immediately for her kitten, Franklyn, and Jamie swears that she is going to take her cat, Chris, back to New York.  Blake, on the other hand got slightly nervewracked when he let go of his cat and it went missing under the cages.  Don’t worry it was found rather quickly. Jon didn’t want to bother with the dogs, so just spent two hours petting tiny kittens.  Alexander saved the day when he carried a bulldog that must have weighed about 300 pounds back into the lobby after spraying him with water to save him from heat exhaustion.  Meanwhile, Elyssa, had bittersweet feelings when “her” dog was adopted that very day.

The next day we helped a family get one step closer to home ownership when we helped with some manual labor at the Habitat for Humanity warehouse. We started off washing coolers and cars, and moved to separating nails and gloves to make it easier for families in need to secure what they needed to complete their homes.  Kelly became an expert paint remover, scraping paint off a paint mixer.  Molly worked hard and perfected her singing of Rent’s “Light my Candle.” Jeff was challenging Peter with riddles about moving animals to an island.  We left with that proud, tired feeling that comes with changing the world.

Albeit short, it has been an incredible week. We truly made a difference with all that we did and we hope your kids are home, happy and healthy, knowing they can sit back and reflect on their accomplishments with pride.

Regards from the Arizona team!