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The Summer of a Lifetime – Californian Extravaganza

The Summer of a Lifetime - Californian Extravaganza

The Last Goodbye

It’s been an unbelievable FOUR weeks, and though we’re excited to get home to our families and friends, it’s really hard to say goodbye to the family that we’ve made here in the west. We’ve biked the trails of Boulder, gone alpine sliding and white water rafting in Jackson Hole, conquered the 90 degree drops of the rides in Salt Lake City. We made our way to Northern Cal where we waterskied and wake boarded in Lake Tahoe, climbed the hills of San Francisco and camped out in Ventura Beach. We saw the sights in LA,  rode the waves in San Diego, and conquered the busy streets of Las Vegas for rides and lots of fun. Our final stops in the canyons brought color four and hiking and the pink jeep tour and as we get ready to say goodbye, we will remember all of the adventures we’ve had together, the memories we’ve created and the jokes we laughed at.

But it’s not where we’ve been that will leave our hearts warm as we board our flights tomorrow morning but the people with whom we’ve been. We’ll never forget Jamie’s endless questions, Kyle’s ridiculous hats, or Leah’s shopping sprees. Madi and Morgan will from now on always be two peas in a pod, Zach S. will be remembered as the trip comedian, and Luke the dancing and bikini model king. Without Rachel’s smile and Jesse L.’s howling laughter our days just won’t be the same but remembering Cole’s spunk, Sarah’s encouragement and Ava’s friendship we will bring ourselves back to the summer of our lives. Ryan A., Gail, Sydney, and Max B. will be remembered for their incredible leadership during color ‘four,’ Mike for his unbelievable voice and song writing skills, and Olivia for her ability to bring a smile to just about anyone’s face. As we get used to falling asleep alone at night we’ll think about Cutler’s energy, Alyssa’s lovableness, and wonder if Jesse D. ever makes it through a day without taking off his shirt. Eddie’s ability to forget anything anywhere will make us giggle, Jake’s desperate need for a haircut will bring a smile to our faces and Cayla and Sami’s warmth will warm out hearts as well. We’ll tease Matt A. in our minds for his goofiness during ‘Make Me Laugh,’ and Jessica and Sabrina for their crushes on all the male staff. We’ll never forget Andrew’s cleverness, Zach H.’s kindness, and Eli’s enthusiasm. Sam K. and Bobby, our Bubbe and Zaide, will be missed for their witty and hilarious comments, Jon and PJ for their knowledge of sports and politics and everything in between, and Alex and Blake for their love of a good burger (but for Blake, hold the bun please!) When we’re feeling a little down all we’ll need to do is think about Sam L.’s outrageous stories, Ariana’s impeccable packing skills, or Liv’s free spirit, Jason’s helpfulness, Hannah’s humor, and Ryan J.’s sharpness. Tank tops and muscle tees will for always remind us of Max R. just like wayfarers and Oakleys will make us think of Matt H. We’ll picture Izzy and Dani in their matching boxers from every stop on the trip, Jordan eagerly questioning the days’ activities, Alec’s patience and politeness, and Sam M.’s “oh mi gawd.” Without Zach K.’s cheeriness we’ll feel a little bit more empty inside but thinking of Corey’s adorable laugh will bring us back.  And none of this could have happened without our hardworking and committed staff – Ashley’s ‘fact or crap’ and high pitched screams on every roller coaster in every city, Josh’s shirtless parades, Marc’s trip member attitude and hilarious bus commentary, nurse Elliot’s caring heart and Estee constantly hustling us to be together in line and stay out of the street is what made our trip work. Under the fearless direction of our loyal, sweet, funny, and beyond dedicated director Shelby we have been to Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, and Arizona where we made the best friends of our lives during a summer we will never, ever forget. We love you trip FOUR and thank you for an irreplaceable, unbelievable, and unFOURgettable journey.

Estée, Ashley, Elliot, Josh, Marc and Shelby

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