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The Secrets Behind the Nazca Lines

The Secrets Behind the Nazca Lines

So, I was watching the Discovery Channel the other night (it was the Mythbusters marathon!) and saw a commercial that caught my attention for Solving History with Olly Steeds. This evening, at 10 pm eastern time, he’s going to check out the Nazca lines. I had first learned about this area of Peru when we returned from scouting our Peru Community Service and Spanish Language Immersion Program.

Here’s the description from the Discovery Channel’s website:

Carved into the Peruvian desert thousands of years ago, the Nazca Lines have puzzled archaeologists and laypeople alike ever since their discovery 100 years ago. Stretching over hundreds of square miles, thousands of geometric shapes and animal figures mark the desert landscape – some as big as football fields, but all flat as the land itself, making them virtually invisible from the ground. Theories to explain the lines range from giant maps of the stars to alien runways to places for elaborate and bizarre rituals. Why would a people who couldn’t fly have built images that could only be seen from the air? Olly travels to ancient cemeteries and Nazcan cities curiously off-limits to camera crews. He explores underground tunnels used in psychedelic cult initiations and tries to venture into the spirit world himself to unravel the mystery of the Nazca Lines.

And a link to the page.

It looks like its going to be a great show! Here are also a few facts about the lines:

  • The Nazca Lines have been designated a UNESCO World Hertigate Site.
  • It is believed they were created between 200 BCE and 700 CE.
  • The designs were made by removing the natural reddish pebbles and uncovering the light-colored earth beneath.
  • There are hundreds of figures. Some are simple lines or geometric shapes. More than seventy are of animal or human figures.
  • The purpose of the designs are unknown (this is something the Discovery Channel will touch upon), but many think there is a religious significance.
  • The extremely dry, windless, and constant climate of the Nazca region has preserved the lines well.

Defintely tune into the Discovery Channel to learn more!

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