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The Scariest Ride in Vegas – California and the Canyons

The latest from California and the Canyons!

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Viva Las Vegas! After our ride from San Diego, we made it to the Sin City. We quickly checked in to the incredible Monte Carlo and went downstairs to enjoy the Wave Pool and Lazy River at our hotel. Many of the guys played the baseball game ‘Jackpot’ in the Wave Pool, only until the huge wake would come and knock them right off their feet. Those in a more tranquil mood opted to sit by the pool and admire the various hotel amenities.

For the evening, we had an Italian themed night. We first went for Italian dinner, where we partook in unlimited portions of fettuccini and spaghetti. Then we went to The Venetian Hotel to walk among trendy canals, Gucci stores, and espresso bars – all in-doors! After our transport back from Venice, we admired “The Strip” as our Vegas Expert (and conveniently our Tour Guide) pointed out the top hotels in the city.

The next day, Morgan, Kristen, and Alexa were very excited to hit the stores of Ancient Rome in Caesar’s Forum Shops. Alex L admired the flower decorations and water attractions at the Belagio. But the highlight of the day for most tour members was going up the Stratosphere. Kasey – who claims to have never been afraid of any roller coaster – found the Big Shot on the top of the tower to be enough of an adrenalin rush. Emma, on the other hand, was very happy that she mustered up the courage to ride the scariest ride in Vegas, but was unsure if she would be able to summon up the necessary courage again.

After a full day of touring, we got back to our hotel to go for a little swim. We were all excited for our final night in Vegas – especially Rikki who claims to be having the greatest birthday ever today.

We hope you are having half as good a time back at home!