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The Rhignomes and Coasters Are At It Again – California Community Service

The California Community Service Amazing Race continues!

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Hello all!

It has been a few days since our last update, and we have a LOT going on! We spent Monday the 6th working at the Village of Hope.  We ran a day camp for their young residents. Kara, Kelsey, and Brooke must have been exhausted by the end of the day from giving all of those piggyback rides! Our group spent a lot of time playing, reading to the children, completing arts and crafts projects, and making ice cream sundaes with the youngsters. 

We had some more “fun” time mid-week.  We visited the Museum of Tolerance on Tuesday, which had really interactive exhibits on the holocaust and modern day discrimination.  It was awesome to learn, listen, and see more about the holocaust- as well as talk to a survivor.  Afterwards, Brad won the “immunity idol” for his team by showing off his awesome bowling skills. (Yes, the rhignomes and the coasters are still at it!)

Wednesday was Jen’s Sweet 16! We spent the day at Raging Waters water park, where Nicole was able to surf some waves, Daniel got some good slides in, and the group was able to keep cool and have fun.  At night, we continued the birthday celebration, and eventually went to the movies.

Thursday we were off to Venice beach. Mollie and some of the girls got some sun, while the others did some shopping or played some Frisbee. We got to see some sights in Hollywood later that night, including the walk of fame, the Chinese theater, and of course, the Hollywood sign!

Friday we were back at the Village of Hope. We worked with their children in the morning, and then in their food and donation warehouse in the afternoon.  It was impressive to see how much initiative the group took, as we were able to pack over 200 boxes in just over 2 hours.  Crystal and her cart-mates really had a good system going on, while Glen was our “Zorro”… able to slice open boxes and break them down in about 5 seconds.

We’ve been real busy! It’s really a “family” feeling in this group.  We all work together, laugh together, share our experiences, and are learning a lot from each other and those community groups we have been working with.  We’ll be in the Los Angeles area until Tuesday morning- then it’s off to Redlands!

Wl, its time to run.  We’re in the middle of a game of “The Amazing Race” right now, and I’m eager to see if the Rhignomes are going to take this challenge, or if the Coasters will take one for the second day in a row. (They won “Who wants to be a Millionaire” last night with Dan sitting in the hot seat.)  We’ll be sure to update soon! 



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