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The Israeli Saltwater Lake

The Israeli Saltwater Lake

I was reminiscing about my trip to Israel and the very memorable float in the Dead Sea. I had come across these interesting facts and thought I would share them with the world. And oh, want to float in the dead sea, join us on our Israel Experience trip this summer.

  • The Dead Sea isn’t actually a sea, it’s a saltwater lake landlocked between Israel and Jordan.
  • Nothing can live in the Dead Sea due to the high mineral and salt content.
  • The Dead Sea has a salt content of 33% making it the second saltiest body of water in the world, with a salt content of 33%. (Lake Vanda in Antarctica is the most salty. Outside of Antarctica, it is Lake Assal).
  • The high salt content makes you buoyant. In other words, you can float without even trying.
  • The Dead Sea is filled with minerals including calcium iodine, saline, potassium, and bromide. All of these occur naturally in the human body.
  • Water flows into the Dead Sea from streams and rivers but does not flow out. More than 7 million tons of water evaporate per day.
  • Egyptians used mud from the Dead Sea to in their mummification of the deceased.
  • The unique salt treats a variety of ailements.
  • At 400  meters  below sea level,  the shores of the Dead Sea are the lowest points of dry land on the earth.

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