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The Grand Canyon In All Its Splendor – California and the Canyons

The final update from California and the Canyons.

The Westcoast Blogger

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… until yours truly scribes our happenings for the update. For our last night in the Sin City, we went to Gameworks and the M&M store to partake in typical Vegas overindulgences and glitz. Nicole S. loved playing Dance Dance Revolution at Gameworks, and the boys of the trip got their fill by playing Air hockey. Ashley had a kick out of all the merchandise. Later on, we walked to the famous Bellagio fountains – Brianna was in the first row to appreciate the amazing display.

The next day, we left for our final camping expedition in Bryce Canyon. In addition to the incredible scenery, we enjoyed some friendly trip competition. Diana choreographed a dance to N*Sync and Britney Spears- Julian was the clear star of the show. Not to be outdone, Adam put on a great lip-sync rendition. To celebrate, we had a huge fajita dinner, and Ariel was the key player in organizing the meal.

The following day, we were off to one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Lauren loved the views of the Grand Canyon – Jane appreciated the great scenery as well. We were able to see the Grand Canyon in all its splendor – from every angle. After our Grand Canyon visit, we enjoyed a great highlight of the Pink Jeep tour through the desert – it was incredibly cool. We look forward to a great 2 days to relax in Scottsdale and savor our time together. While we look forward to seeing everybody at home, we will miss all of our trip friends greatly.

Thanks for lending us your kids!