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The Fun Never Ends – California & The Canyons

Hello Parents of California & The Canyons!

We (the trip leaders) want to say welcome, and we hope that these blog posts and our photos will offer you a glimpse into the amazing summer your teen will have!

Our trip began with an awesome start as everybody arrived with high expectations and full of energy. Once we had all of our trip members, we headed to the Westin Hotel, which would become our home for the next few days. There, the trip members and leaders got to meet each other in a more personal setting.  We continued our programming from the airport to help everyone learn names and interesting facts about one another. This was also an opportunity to meet our amazing bus driver Roger (when you speak/text or email your teen, ask them who he reminds them of!!).

After our ‘meet and greet’, we gathered on the bus to start our adventure in San Francisco. First we headed towards the iconic San Francisco cable cars, where we rode up the large hill towards Chinatown. Upon arriving in Chinatown the trip members had some free time to wander and explore their surroundings. Some came back with some very cool stuff, such as Anna who bought a great panda hat. We then had dinner at a cool restaurant called the Oriental Pearl.

After dinner, we got back to the hotel where everybody was ready for a well deserved sleep after a long day of travel and an active night.

The next day we headed to the famous Alcatraz Prison for our tour. Everybody was excited for the ferry ride over, where we got a brief glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge and a spectacular view of San Francisco. The tour was an audio-guided tour – Dylan, Julia C., Ciara, Alice and Lisa were really into the cool facts about the prison. At the end of the tour one of the ex-prisoners, Robert Luke, was there to answer any questions that the tourees had — Julia A. did not hesitate to ask some really informative and in depth questions.

When we got back to shore, we spent a few hours exploring Pier 39, where some trip members tried out the popular clam chowder dish for lunch. We then walked to Ghirardelli, where we munched on their famous ice cream and chocolates.

We finished the night with dinner and disco bowling. Lorenzo, Camilla and Jacob B. excelled at bowling and received some of the highest scores of the night. As people bowled, Jerilyn was tearing up the dance floor, and singing along to nearly every song.

In our upcoming blogs, be ready to hear about our amazing last day here in San Francisco, our trip to Lake Tahoe, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and more!

Our time here is flying by, but every minute has been great, and hopefully we can share all these moments with you too!

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