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The Fun Has Begun! – Ultimate California

Greetings parents!

We’re on our fourth day of Ultimate California, and although we haven’t arrived in Cali yet, our trip is already ultimate. It was a wonderful morning in Denver when all of our trip members arrived, and we jumped into some icebreakers before heading off to The Sink, a restaurant featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. The kids all got a chance to scribble their names on the ceiling with the hundreds of other previous visitors, thus sealing their place in Colorado’s history. Bowling that night was fun for all, and gave Shane a chance to show his skills (he almost doubled our lane’s scores)! Pearl Street proved to be another successful outing the next morning, and we all loved watching the street performers. Sammy and Jack absolutely flew by everyone as we biked by a beautiful creek near the city! As if that wasn’t enough, we had a great afternoon at Elitch Gardens, and Maria Luna realized she loves roller coasters (we all said she would)! Other trip members lived it up on rides and James and Cara tested their chops at basketball. Colorado was beautiful, but I think we were all happy to admire the drastic change in scenery as we crossed into the quaint cowboy town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The Snow King Lodge turned out to be the perfect place to relax . . . and a great place to celebrate Canada Day with our Canadians, Shane and Rachel! They treated us to a rousing rendition of Oh, Canada! as we drove off for Yellowstone and the incredible Old Faithful geyser. Things got pretty exciting as we all slid down the mountainside in our alpine slides by the Snow King Lodge. Adam and Max couldn’t get enough of the slides! In short, our trip members are having a great time, and more adventures are on their way as we head to Park City Utah tomorrow.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with a quote from one of our trip members about Yellowstone:

“I like big bears and I cannot lie!” –Samara

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