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The Final Leg! – Boston & Washington Community Service

Dear Family and Friends of Boston and Washington Community Service,

We have arrived in Ocean City, New Jersey for the final leg of our trip! Before I wax philosophically about the three weeks (or ten days) we have spent together, I wanted to provide a portrait of our service time in Washington.

Over the past week, we have been volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club. At the Boys and Girls Club, trip members were placed into groups and asked to interact with club members within their regular programming. After being welcomed to the club by the club’s director David on our first day, trip members were separated and joined by the age group of their choice. Right away, the trip members who were with us in Boston demonstrated their experience in the Boys and Girls club setting. Francesca immediately gravitated towards a group of girls and kept them in conversation for their entire computers period. While Francesca, Leo and Abigail kept club members enthralled in the computer room, Corinne, Kelly, Gabi and Amanda enjoyed a game of kickball in the gym with their group. Angela, Erica, Jenna, Ky’ara and Tyler opted to spend their time at the Boys and Girls club with the 5 and 6 year olds. Angela seemed to especially enjoy this opportunity, and could be seen coloring and cutting with a gaggle of club members hanging off of her every extremity in the arts and crafts room.

Our second day at the club began with a spirited game of pterodactyl. A warm up activity designed to pump up everyone’s energy level, trip members are asked to make a series of pterodactyl like movements and sounds while remaining stoic. After a few hilarious early moments it was clear that Kimeko and Tyler were the competitors to beat. Although they both appeared to be likely winners, their squawk off was decidedly short as Tyler demonstrated some serious resolve by refusing to even smirk at Kimeko’s hilarious attempts. Trip members continued their service by joining the same groups as the previous day. Jenna and Ky’ara were very excited to continue their time with the 5 and 6 year olds and enjoyed playing a spirited game of red light green light. Alex chose to spend her time in the reading room after she helped to deliver a lesson to club members. Leo and Francesca taught club members about Taiwan in an activity designed to introduce club members to other parts of the world.

The final day at the Boys and Girls club involved an exciting trip to the pool. Many trip members decided to bring along their bathing suits and join the club members for a few enjoyable hours. Angela braved the pool and the swarm of arms and legs as the kids were around her. Corinne could be found hanging around at least two club members at time as they loved her company too. Gabi taught club members a variety of different swimming tricks. Tyler spent his afternoon as the Mr. Energy with the different kids wanting to hang off of him. Francesca kept club members entertained with conversation by the pool steps. Our time at the pool was a great end to our enjoyable service at the Boys and Girls club. Trip members served as positive role models throughout the week, and worked to improve the day-to-day experiences of club members.

The next blog post will unfortunately mark the end of our time together in Boston and Washington. Stay tuned for a re-telling of the events from our final days together.

Bye for now,

The Westcoast Blogger

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