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The End is Near, Here Come the Tears – Costa Rica Community Service

The End is Near, Here Come the Tears - Costa Rica Community Service 1

Sad to say this is our last blog. We have had such an incredible experience and we are all so sad that it is coming to an end. The group had a fantastic time at karaoke as they serenaded each other with their favorite songs. A few favorites were from high school musical and camp rock.  We headed back to La Carpio where we first began our trip and brought smiles to kids’ faces, watched a play performed by the grandmothers of the community detailing their impressive journey from Nicaragua to Costa Rica and beautified the building by repainting all the doors with fancy designs.  Rafting was next, and it was a fantastic experience because we had some amazing rapids and, to make it even better, we saw sloths and monkeys. The guides were hilarious and made us feel safe as we celebrated how we mastered the river with our paddles high in the air for a paddle high five. Latin dance lessons were a nice treat to experience some of the local dance flavors. Even the boys can salsa now.

Service - Community Service Teen TourWe have just finished sitting together reflecting on the trip and what we have learned along the way. Many of us in the group are much more appreciative of all that we have at home and are truly grateful for the opportunities available to us. We realized that happiness is not measured by wealth or material items but rather by the people and experiences one encounters. Happiness is relative and this is a lesson that will stick with us long after this trip is done. Tears have yet to come but are imminent. The bonds we have made are truly inseparable. Parents, you all have amazing kids that are talented, smart, and determined to make a difference. Thank you for letting us spend three weeks with them.

Love and Respect,

The Westcoast Blogger