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The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, and Versailles….Can Someone Say PARIS! – On Tour European Experience

ONTOUR European Experience at the London Eye

I can’t believe how much we’ve seen in the last few days! Our last day in London was perfect, as we spent most of the day with our amazing and incredibly knowledgeable tour guide Liz. We saw Westminster Abbey, drove along along the Thames, walked around Buckingham Palace, and toured the West end. Emily G got some authentic fish and chips with the trip leaders before we headed to the tower of London where we saw The Crown Jewels, and our guide amazed us with stories of British kings and royal  scandals throughout history.

European Experience London and Paris

For dinner we visited the first and original Hard Rock Cafe, where we indulged in some American grub and chilled out to an awesome rock tunes.  There was a another group visiting the restaurant at the same time, and when some popular songs came on the speakers. Sydnie and Sammi started leading younger kids in a full scale sing-along – they were naturals!

All that singing put us in the mood for our last big event in London, the musical Wicked. The performance was spectacular, with many of our trip members seeing the show for the first time. We walked out of the theatre humming the songs and skipping down steps. Emily B has got some amazing singing skills! After that we headed back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep to get ready for tomorrow’s travels.

Next we headed out first thing for Paris, and took the Chunnel over to Calais, France. Lots of us took advantage of the bus time to do some reading and chat with new friends. After a quick lunch stop, it was time to get everyone excited for the  night ahead, and we got some bus-wide competitions like Name that Tune and Pass the String.  Danielle led the right hand of the bus to victory with her vast musical knowledge. We arrived in Paris and headed straight for the Latin Quarter, where we split into smaller groups to get our first taste of authentic French cuisine.

After dinner we needed a chance to stretch our legs and see Paris by night. We visited Notre Dame and caught a show of fire and lights from performers in front of the cathedral. The view at night in the city was breathtaking as we walked along the Seine seeing the EiffelTower lit up, and the elegant architecture of the Hotel de Ville. We also stopped by a little cafe for drinks and crepes on a terrace that were AMAZING before we headed back to hotel for the night.

Versailles was beautiful, from the gardens to the Hall of Mirrors, and our tour guides really helped put everything into historical perspective. Brandon B was always at the front of the group wanting to learn more about the palace’s royal inhabitants. In the afternoon we went on great bike tour of Paris, where Matt took his second bike ride ever. The city takes on a different feel by bike, and trip members got to feel like a locals. After all the exercise we needed a little break to freshen up at the hotel before heading out to dinner at the Pub Saint Germain. The food was incredible, and Jordan and Annabelle even tried delicacies like caviar and Fois Gras. By the end of the night we we’re ready for some relaxing nightlife.  Alyssa, Jenni, Alyson, Sara T, Liz, Ariel, Sarah B, Eliana, Laura, Rudi, and Emily enjoyed crepes before heading to bed.  We are really looking forward to the artsy side of Paris tomorrow with trip to the Musee du Louvre and Pomidou Centre.

À demain!

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