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The City of Angels – California & the Canyons


The past few days have been nothing short of extraordinary. As many of you know we have made it to Los Angeles and everyone is thrilled to be in the City of Angels. We will update you in a day or 2 on the LA highlights but for now, here is what our adventure looked like in Tahoe and Ventura….

As we made our way to Lake Tahoe, the trip members were captivated by the enormous green pine trees and scenic mountains that surrounded our bus. Eventually, we arrived at the beach in Lake Tahoe, where a scrumptious beach BBQ was waiting for us. The trip members took in the sun on the beach while others went tubing, waterskiing, and wake-boarding. After soaking in the sun and enjoying themselves in the water, we headed to our campsite.

We were greeted by two fantastic Camp Site Managers who were waiting for us with delicious snacks and camping know-how. Some trip members relaxed and played volleyball and basketball with trip leader Adam, while others enjoyed some time to socialize and enjoy the beautiful campsite.

Shortly thereafter, it was time to make our first campsite dinner, and the trip members were more than eager to help. With swiftness and precision, we sliced and sautéed peppers and onions, cooked up some chicken and steak and in a matter of minutes (ok not minutes) a sumptuous Mexican feast for all the trip members was ready to eat. After the feast, the trip members enjoyed an exciting night program lead by trip leaders Molly and Adam and roasted marshmallows on the campfire and snacked on s’mores.

California & the Canyons

The next day, we headed to Squaw Valley to do an exciting ropes course. Trip members Kyle and Matthew safely scaled to the highest peaks of the course’s tower, while Nihkhil and Max enjoyed the awesome zip-line course. Upon the completion of the ropes course, we headed back to Lake Tahoe to cruise the lake and enjoy each other’s company. Trip members sat in the parlor room of our yacht and played cards, while others hung out on the deck and roof of the boat and took in the scenery together.

Our next stop was Ventura for two great nights of camping. Some of our highlights here included celebrating Jordan D.’s birthday, as well as lunch on the beach, dinner and a movie in town.

Now that we are in LA and enjoying the amazing UCLA facilities, theme parks and more, things on Cali and the Canyons are better than ever. Stay tuned for more soon.

-The Westcoast Blogger