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The Average Lifespan of a Brown Bear – Community Service Alaska

The updates are flying in. Here is the lastest from Community Service Alaska!

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Dear Parents of Community Service Alaska,

Greetings from Anchorage!

Seward has been an awesome adventure for our group! We were finally able to enjoy a little down time from the service activities and enjoy the many attractions Seward has to offer. On our first day, our group enjoyed the beautiful Alaskan wilderness on a hike of Exit glacier. The sheer size of the glacier was enough to leave us temporarily speechless. In the afternoon, we met up with a dog sledding team which competes every year in the Iditarod, a 1000 mile (dog sledding) trek in the Alaskan wilderness. We were taken on a sled ride with a professional musher. After the ride, we played with the young husky pups. They were so adorable that we wanted to take them home with us.

On Saturday afternoon, we had a cruise of the Kenai Fjords. We were all excited by the potential whales we would be seeing. The group spent a good portion of time on the deck seeking them out. Finally, after some time sea gazing, we spotted a pod of whales and observed them for quite some time. They are truly majestic creatures. We were also lucky enough to see puffins, sea lions and sea otters on our cruise.

At dinner, Jordanna, Vince and Jo organized a trivia game for the campers to test their knowledge of Alaska and see how much they knew about the 50th state. Nick won a beautiful pink camouflage cap by answering the average life span of a brown bear. Impressive!

The following morning, we headed to the Alaska Sea Life Center. At the Center, we saw huge sea lions, a sea otter named Skittles, which was actually rescued in Seldovia, and many amazing fish. In the afternoon, we had a classroom dissection of an octopus. While some of us loved the hands on experience, Nicole found she was more comfortable a good distance away from the slimy eight-legged organisms! The afternoon was reserved for a small hike and some sea kayaking. We all loved the tandem kayaks and had a good chuckle watching Emma and Jon S attempt to maneuver in sync.

Today we said good-bye to Seward and headed back to Anchorage, the final leg of our trip. On the way, we stopped at the H2Oasis water park for some good ol’ fashion fun. The lazy river was my personal favorite but I think everyone enjoyed the master blaster and the hot tub.

More adventure to come in our last days, and surely lasting memories as well,

 The Alaska Gang