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The Average Bull (Male Moose) Weighs 1,000 Pounds – Community Service Alaska

Back to Alaksa for another update!

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Greetings from Alaska!

Our trip to Homer was a delightful experience with breathtaking scenery along the way to enjoy, including mountain goats. We stopped mid-way at a Nature Center where we saw bears, moose and bald eagles! We arrived at Mossy’s seaside farms not knowing exactly what to expect, and were amazed at what we found…  acres of land and a stunning view of the Kachemak Bay!

Our first day in Homer was a relaxing day spent helping Mossy with some chores around the farm. We built a path leading down to the beach using rocks and boulders. Andrew impressed everyone with his strength and the ease with which he lifted the boulders on his own! Some of the boys dug a new hole for the outhouse. Jon, Jake, Eric and Vince all worked hard to finish the hole.

The next day, we headed to the Wynn Nature Center, where we helped reconstruct the boardwalk that had been damaged over time. Gary, one of our guides explained to us that moose were often responsible for the holes in the boardwalk, and that an average bull (male moose) weighed in at about 1,000 pounds!! We also made signs to help advertise the Wynn Center
employment opportunities. The artistic abilities of the group shone through, but Christine’s sign was an instant hit! After a long day of community service at the Wynn Center, we made our way to the Spit where we had the chance to shop and go for a well deserved milk shake!  That night, at the bon fire, Halle’s polar bear fur coat joke was a hit and everyone shared
stories about the day.

The next morning, we returned to the Wynn center, this time for some activities. We learned about outdoor survival and navigating with a compass and a GPS. The afternoon was spent in preparation for our trip to Seldovia.

While most of us will miss Homer and its beautiful scenery, we are all excited to go to Seldovia!

The Alaska Gang