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Telling it like it is… – Community Service Costa Rica


We celebrated our first camper Birthday on July 2nd with Jackie turning the big 14! We sang and celebrated with cake while enjoying a great day together.


Now Chloe and Noah are here writing to you from Costa Rica. In the last couple of days we have done some fun and entertaining activities.


First, we went Zip lining. Max conquered his fear of heights and loved the experience. I, Chloe, thought the zip lining experience was gorgeous with many beautiful waterfalls and flowers. Alex, Ben, Annabel, and Drew enjoyed an experience of a lifetime going upside down on the zip line. After enjoying the zip lining the CR1A crew went horseback riding. Lily, and Zoe overcame their fear and loved every moment of their horse ride. I, Noah, loved the horse back riding. I got to ride Emilio, who was a fast and beautiful white horse.


This morning we started off with a photo scavenger hunt. Destinies Children, who consisted of Sean, Annabel, Jackie, Kylie, Ben, Juliana, and Jessica won the scavenger hunt. After the Scavenger hunt we went on a bit of a hike to a beautiful waterfall. At this waterfall Jenna, Aspyn, and Mia loved the magnificent clear blue water and took a fresh, cool dip. Juliana was also mesmerized by the beautiful scenario and enjoyed swimming in the falls.


After the waterfall we headed to a spa. The first step was the sauna to open our pores, it was very hot. Next came the mud, we covered ourselves in volcanic mud, using a paintbrush and our hands. Will, Jojo, Emily, and Dan had a lot of fun painting themselves with mud. Alex, and I (Noah) completely covered ourselves with mud. We looked like grey statues! After the mud dried we soaked in hot springs, we cleansed ourselves of the mud, and enjoyed the relaxing hot water.


Tomorrow we are all extremely excited to go surfing! Also, we can’t wait to celebrate Melissa’s birthday!


We are all having so much fun! See you soon.


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