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What a Sweet Trip! – Major League Madness

Major League Madness

Dear Parents of Major League Madness,

After seeing the Cubs win at Wrigley Field last week (yes, the Cubs actually won), we flew to Pittsburgh. We arrived at PNC Park on time for batting practice, and wow… what a beautiful field! PNC is situated right on the river overlooking the city skyline, and that’s the setting we watched the Pirates hammer the Dodgers on Wednesday night. Jack, Richie and Alden rated the ballpark amongst the best we’ve seen on our tour, while a few of us were treated to some awesome pregame autographs. Harrison, Matt H. and Jesse even snagged the John Hancock of former Cy Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw!

After the game, we waited by the players’ exit to try and get more signatures, and although the players weren’t in a signing mood, famous Pirates announcer Greg Brown came out to speak to our group and pose for a picture with our own Greg, a future announcing star!

Thursday we headed to the Big Apple. We all had a blast playing dozens of addicting games, Matt O. stuck to Deal or No Deal while Jordan and Charlie enjoyed playing the traditional arcade games. Afterwards we turned in our tickets for various prizes. On Friday we headed to the Bronx and toured Yankee Stadium, before playing softball on the sacred grounds of the old Yankee Stadium and then capping off the day by watching a fierce AL East battle for second place between New York and Toronto. Our large contingent of Yankees and Jays fans, along with everyone else had a great time sitting in the dugout during the tour, perusing through the Yankees museum to see World Championship trophies, buying new souvenirs and watching New York sneak by Toronto 6-4. After the game, we waited by the players’ exit again and caught a couple Blue Jays on their way out, including Jose Reyes and Melky Cabrera.

On Saturday we strolled through the streets of Cooperstown, a beautiful small village with a majestic and lively feel to it, especially on Hall of Fame weekend. Charlie and Jason loved walking into the many sports memorabilia shops and seeing thousands of people roam the main street on a bustling day in town. We played some pickup football in the park, where Ethan and Josh both scored highlight reel touchdowns, then got our chance to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The museum dedicated to America’s favorite pastime was a fascinating experience. Alden and Matt O. loved walking through the hall of plaques honoring the inductees, while Zach liked looking at all the World Series rings handed out since the inaugural world championship. Jason and Matt S. mentioned the exhibits were a real cool part, such as the tributes to Hank Aaron’s 715th home run, and the display of each team’s locker rooms. On Sunday, we camped out at the park all day to eventually see six new inductees take the stage and accept their nomination into the Hall of Fame. It was a surreal experience being in the crowd, listening to the legends reminisces on their careers and watch history in the making. We capped off a terrific day with a delicious dinner and incredible deserts at the Cheesecake Factory in Albany.

Yesterday our legendary trip, sadly was coming to a conclusion. After a stop in Springfield at the Basketball Hall of Fame, last night we savored Fenway for one last ball game. The many Blue Jays fans amongst us were thrilled with the 14-1 thrashing they delivered to the Red Sox. It may not have made us popular with the home team fans but it sure was wonderful final game memories.

We have had a blast with many signature moments not to mention autograph signatures and best of all the camaraderie of many new friendships that are sure to continue.

All the best,Major League Madness

– The Westcoast Blogger

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