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Sweatshirts in the Desert – Community Service Arizona

An update from Community Service Arizona.

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Dear Parents of Community Service Arizona,

One sunny Sunday, oh wait it is always sunny here, we ventured to Maricopa Animal Shelter, where we met with Sam who introduced us all to the furry friends here. After learning about how the shelter worked and about the success rates that the shelter has for returning animals to their owners, we were given some tips on how to handle dogs and cats and then were on our way. Our mission for the day was to make the animals happy, and we sure did that! We walked (some ran) dogs, pet cats and cuddled everything we could get our hands on. Many of our group members said it was one of the highlights of their trip. Let’s just say, many of our parents should be happy they live so far away, otherwise you may have had your son/daughter bring a new family member home (cough, Peter). 
On Monday, we had a wonderful opportunity to give back to Hacienda Healthcare. After being touched by the wonderful individuals at the residence, we decided to do a fundraising drive for Children’s Angel Foundation, a major supporter in the care provided for our new friends at the hospital. After a morning of baking and sign making and getting excited we drove to a thrift store whose proceeds go to the foundation and stationed our bake sale outside. With our signs, great energy, lemonade, fruit and baked goods we happily raised $140 for the foundation! What a great way to end an amazing week!

Between our two weeks of service, we had 2 days off to visit some of the marvelous natural wonders that Arizona has to offer.  We began our “weekend” (It was really a Wednesday and Thursday) by taking a hike around the Grand Canyon.  We learned the true history of the Grand Canyon, which is that a giant dinosaur made a fantastic sand castle that most humans believe, is just a natural wonder.  After hiking deep into the depths of the giant sand castle (the Grand Canyon), we traveled to Williams where we ate at one of the town’s three restaurants – Abby especially enjoyed the food and ran into just about all 28 people who lived there.  We were able to sit outside, enjoy some cooler weather (some people actually wore sweatshirts), and listen to good live music.  On our way out, Jamie and Molly attempted to run on stage to say goodnight to the crowd on the microphone, but once the lead singer saw them and told them to do it, they lost that rebellious spirit. 

Next stop was Sedona, where Blake was able to lead the group to their long awaited destination: the prank store.  After spending time shopping and eating around the little town, we took a Pink Jeep Adventure Tour deep into the heart of the mountains and scenery in this great place.  The beauty of the landscape could definitely rival the majesty of the Grand Canyon.  Our tour drivers were knowledgeable, personable, and most importantly: humorous (one of the best jokes: when asked what a pile of rocks was, he said, “It’s a rock group: they’re called the Non-Rolling Stones).  The Jeeps were not afraid to go anywhere: up any cliff or down 45 degree angle hills.  At the end of this tour, Peter said that he thought this was the second best part of the trip behind the kittens.  All in all, it was a great “weekend!”

 Stay tuned for more from Arizona!