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Surfs Up in San Diego!

Dear Parents,

We have had an eventful past couple of days! On Day 12 we had a delicious breakfast at UCLA then said farewell to Los Angeles as we made our way to sunny San Diego! We drove straight to the Surfing School, which was located right on the beach. There we had lunch and began to prepare for our day in the water. Each group was given a surfing lesson on land, then went into the ocean to test their new skills.

Many new surfers excelled during their first experiences in the waves, especially Alana, Alli, Rachel, Morley, Colin, Grace, Chelsea, Sam and Jackie. Tomasso, Ari, Max, Matt H. and Philip enjoyed playing basketball at the courts in between surfing shifts, while Danielle, Julia, Alli, Jordan and Ani lounged on comfortable couches in the sun while singing along to music from the movie “Grease” during their off-time.

After surfing we checked into the renown DoubleTree Resort and went out for dinner at Islands, a beach themed restaurant! After a fun day in the sun, the group headed off to bed.

On Day 13 our trip members woke up and had a filling breakfast at Bruegger’s Bagels. We then boarded our bus and headed off to the zoo! Everyone was so excited to see the exotic animals. Josh and Matt L. made it their goal to get to see as many animals in the park as possible. We boarded the upper level of a tour bus that took us around the entire zoo! “Elephants are so amazing” Abby said as we passed by their exhibit. Alex, Dylan and Danny had some hilarious animal masks that they wore around proudly.

After the zoo, we headed to Souplantation, a great restaurant that offers a variety of soups, salads and pasta. Everyone enjoyed their meal and couldn’t wait for the next activity…laser tag!

We found out we’ve got quite the talented group of laser taggers; Robert, Caroline, Taylor, Suzie, Isaac and Zach all showed off their skills and stealth while dodging other players and aiming at targets.

The next day we woke up and had a wonderful breakfast at the DoubleTree Resort. After eating we boarded the bus, said goodbye to San Diego and headed out to Las Vegas! During the bus ride Sophie and Jenn sung along to Beyoncé songs. Lauren and Ashleigh took some great pictures in front of the mountains at a rest stop in the middle of the Mojave desert. After arriving at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, Hannah and Molly headed off to explore the three pools that the hotels offers.

For dinner, Ashley was pleased that we dined at Bucca di Beppo, her favorite Italian restaurant. We ended the night by going to The Stratosphere, a giant hotel that has an amazing view of the Las Vegas strip! While some members enjoyed the amusement rides at the top of the hotel, Tyler liked observing the city below him. Afterwards we watched a cool water show at the Bellagio hotel before coming back to the hotel to sleep.

There’s still more fun to come!

We’ll keep you updated.

The Westcoast Blogger