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Surf’s Up! – Californian Extravaganza


Dear Parents and Friends,

The past four days have been so much fun! Since we last checked in we have been to San Diego and Las Vegas! Upon our arrival in San Diego we headed to the beach to go surfing! This was one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen, and the Trip Members agreed! Many of the Trip Members mentioned that they were excited to go surfing, whether they were pro’s or trying it for the first time. Sara W told me that this was the activity that she was most excited for on the entire trip! Many of the Trip Members managed to stand up on the surfboard, and our teachers were so impressed with our group!

The next day we attended the world famous San Diego Zoo. We began our time there with a guided bus tour. Our tour guide was fantastic and full of information; he even had his own show on the discovery channel! On this tour we saw so many animals and all of the Trip Members were fascinated. One story that our tour guide mentioned that stood out was when we passed a cheetah in the same living area as a dog. He explained that the cheetah was once a domestic pet and lived with the dog, and when the owner approached the zoo to take the cheetah out of her care, the animals refused to be separated. Now both the dog and the cheetah reside at the zoo! After our bus tour, the Trip Member’s had the opportunity to explore the zoo. Amanda, Margo, Reese, Jessie, Julia B., Abby, Liv, and Sophie all got their faces painted like animals, and they looked awesome! Daniel mentioned that his favorite part of the zoo was seeing the baby giraffes, while Olga said that she thought the giant panda’s were adorable.
Californian Extravaganza
Later that night, we went to play Laser Tag. We divided ourselves into teams, and all of the Trip Member’s were enthusiastic about the game, especially Brett R. Tyler was especially good at Laser Tag and came in first for both rounds! After two rounds of Laser Tag, we were ready for bed, and excited to head to Las Vegas!

Upon our arrival in Vegas the strip was illuminated and the weather was hot! We began our night at a family style Italian restaurant. Many of the Trip Member’s mentioned that they were craving pasta, and this dinner definitely satisfied that craving! After our dinner, we watched the water show at the Bellagio Hotel. It was so beautiful and executed so well. Nikki and Jordie mentioned that she even wanted to stay and watch the next show!

Our time in Vegas included seeing all of the amazing stores, including the M&M and Coca-Cola store! We also went on rides at both the Stratosphere and the roller coaster at the New York, New York hotel. During our free time Dylan, Brett R, and Robbie even tried an oxygen bar! Many of the Trip Member’s were amazed and impressed by Vegas, and for most it was their first time visiting.

These past four days have been so much fun, but it is time for a change of pace and for us to leave the city and head to Bryce Canyon!

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