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Surfing, Sea Turtles & Service – Hawaii Community Service

What a bunch of fun filled days we have just had!!  Starting at Ka’ala Farms we had the pleasure of getting to know the roots of Hawaii figuratively and literally. We were working in a taro root garden (a traditional Hawaiian root used in many foods). The taro patches are under water similar to how rice is grown. The group really enjoyed digging into the mud, weeding the gardens, and perhaps having a little mud fight.

We also visited the beautiful North Shore for our first day of surfing!!!  With great instruction and motivation from our guides, it was amazing to see how many of the trip members were natural surfers!  Jenna and Bella specifically were described as “some of the best first time riders” by the instructor!!!  Our group also enjoyed spending some time throwing the football around on the beach and cooling off in the water. We were fortunate to swim alongside some extremely friendly sea turtles who hung around in the waist high water with us.

After our day of adventure it was back to community service and working with Habitat for Humanity.  The Re-Store was happy to see our army of excited workers ready to tackle any project thrown our way.  From building bookshelves to assembling door handles everyone had their part in helping out.  A couple projects required more teamwork and an energetic and very capable group was assembled, including Rebecca and Anna who never seemed to get tired!  After our two days of work we all left with a feeling of accomplishment and a sense that we had really made a difference to this organization and in the community.

Our service work on Oahu has come to an end. After working so hard it was time for another break from our service work.  We spent the day tackling Diamond Head and hitting another stunning Oahu beach! The views of the day were incredible!

As you can tell the awesome experiences haven’t stopped since day 1! We are looking forward to our last couple days in Ohau before flying to Maui!!!

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