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Surfing and Sloths! – Costa Rica Community Service

Hello friends and family!

The past couple of days have been a scene out of a movie with gorgeous beaches, exotic animals and a celebratory end to all the hard work we put in on our service projects. This last project was more environmentally friendly as the group rotated between sorting out glass, plastic and cardboard as well as painting new signs. The signs were especially important for warning tourists about the dangers of pollution as well as the off-limit locations where new sea turtle eggs can be found.

We finished up the day with our last surfing lesson where Isabelle lost her GoPro to waist high waves and found it 2 minutes later still recording!

Although we did not see sea turtles in Dominical, we did get to see sooo many more animals in Manuel Antonio where we currently are. Yesterday we spent a much deserved shopping/beach day at the main beach and later on the group went out Banana boating! The boats would go out to a beautiful island cave and turn around where many of us would take a quick dip in the ocean before returning.

Today we went to the National Park and got to see Sloths slumbering around! We also saw Capuchin monkeys, lizards, giant spiders, insects and a Toucan! It got even better when we sat down for lunch at our hotel restaurant, because different monkeys joined us for casual conversation (and bananas of course). Tomorrow we leave to go back to San Jose for Banquet. Talk soon!

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