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Surfin’ San Diego! – California and the Canyons

San Diego California and the Canyons

Hello Family and Friends of California and the Canyons!

San Diego was a blast! The San Diego zoo was exhilarating – all the animals came out to greet us and the giraffes were so tall in person. We took a double decker bus to see all the amazing animals. That night, we went to laser tag. The blue team; Jack, Matt D., Matt A., Jess, Paul, Gabby, Brandon P., Brandon D., Luke, Paige, Nikki, and Charlie dominated the competition. Although Paige got a score of 0, Brandon D. kept the team alive by getting in first place.

The day prior, after a laundry morning, we went to the beach where we went surfing. Jordan L. stood out, proving to be a natural surfer. Jess P. took several amazing photos of Matt D. and Nikki surfing. Ally and Amanda C. were also very successful at surfing, getting up on waves several times. Jordan and Devin enjoyed some relaxation on the beach despite the fact that it was a little chilly. The excitement continued when the whole group went to the San Diego Padres baseball game. Our group enjoyed a very thrilling game that concluded in a 4-2 San Francisco Giants win. Oli and Jill experienced America’s past time for their first time despite the fact that they barely understood what was going on. However the fun did not stop there because the group experienced a sing along for the whole bus ride home.

Although the group was upset to leave San Diego, everyone was excited to go to Las Vegas! We checked into the Monte Carlo in the afternoon and hung by the pool for some time. Jack and Charlie had a blast in the wave pool. A delicious Italian food dinner was followed by a thrill of a lifetime – The Stratosphere. Gabby, Luke, Emily, Steph and Logan proved to be fearless as they loved every second the ride had to offer. The following day, Julia H., Rachel, and Jess H. enjoyed time at the pool with Rebecca and Mary. Stephen, Ilan and David chilled by the pool and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon. Prior to the pool the group went to the Forum Shops where they were amazed by the elegant and luxurious shops. Carly, Jori, Alex, Amanda W. and Marissa enjoyed the very nice mall and all it’s attractions. It wouldn’t be Vegas if we did not stop at the well known, New York New York hotel. Jess P. had the time of her life when she went on “the best roller coaster of her life.” After the ride, Matt D., Brandon P., Jami, and Alex enjoyed delicious Mexican cuisine. Coincidentally, Danny found a very nice restaurant called Greenberg Deli!! Now the group is off to their final experience of camping. Jori and Hannah are especially excited to go camping and hiking, so they could get in touch with nature once again.
Lastly, all the campers would like to give a huge thank you to their parents for sending them on this trip because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity that fulfilled all its hype.

San Diego California and the Canyons

This blog was written by Trip Member, Matt D. in collaboration with Trip Member, Gabby

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