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Sunshine in Tahoe & Ventura

After a great stay in San Fran, we boarded the bus and headed to Nevada to do some white water rafting! It was a beautiful sunny day, and the water was really refreshing after our bus ride. Each group had a blast with their guides, navigating down the stream. Since it was a holiday, there were a lot of other people on the water too. A lot of “Happy 4th of July”s were wished between our trip and the other rafters enjoying the river. There were friendly splash wars between a lot of the boats, resulting in everyone getting wet regardless of if they swam in the water or not! While everyone had a blast on the water, I’d like to congratulate JP, Lauren, Dylan, Dylan and Ryan for being able to pull ahead of the pack from 11th place to 1st!

When we arrived at Tahoe Valley Campsite, the trip members learned a valuable life lesson… how to put up a tent! Julia particularly excelled at pitching tents, helping out a lot of the other trip members once her own group had put up their tents!

At the campground, Dylan, Dylan, Ryan, Max G and Nathan ended up enjoying some roasted marshmellows prior to our program.

This evening, we planned a trip Airbands competition! With a staff leader leading each group, the trip members picked a song that they thought emphasized a theme of “Independence Day” / “Fourth of July Celebrations”. The object was to create a dance and lip sync to the song. While each team performed amazingly and each won an award; Claire’s team was the overall winner. Well done to AJ, Stephie, Zach, Henry, Sierra, and Sarah for their wonderful rendition of “Fireworks” by Katy Perry.

Our Fourth of July ended with ‘smores around a campfire and bundling up for our first night in the tents. Happy Independence Day, everyone!

Day 5 – Sunshine in Tahoe!

We started off the morning with a boat cruise across Lake Tahoe. It was a gorgeous yacht, with sundecks, music and refreshments. With expert DJ-ing from Marlo, we had great beats and wonderful scenery all around us. Josh even started a game of “Cheat” (cards) with Stephanie P, Will and Jasmine. They soon gathered quite a crowd to watch the game progress.

After our boat cruise, we headed to the beach to enjoy a day in the water. Mitchell, Savannah and Stephanie P. were the first three brave trip members to dunk their heads under the cold, refreshing water! They encouraged the others to join them and soon Sierra, Sean, Eric G and Mitchell had a great game of water Frisbee going on.

After some great bbq burgers and hot dogs (thanks Ricardo and Ryan – our Lake Tahoe campsite managers), we took turns tubing, waterskiing and wake-boarding. Maddie and Cameron had a really great time bouncing around on tube rides and left the boat with HUGE smiles. Jason and Max G. were both able to get up on their wakeboards. Trip Leader Susan  was so impressed! Christi, Allison and Lee had a great time waterskiing. They loved wearing their stylish wetsuits.

Day 6 – The Wheels on the bus go round and round…

Today we traveled from Lake Tahoe to Ventura, California! On the bus ride, we watched movies, chatted with seat partners and listened to music. Parker is our resident bus karaoke star, who encouraged everyone to get up and sing!

When we arrived at our new campsite, our site managers, Sebastian and Cody, had already set up our tents! What luck! The dinner crew began making dinner and Stephie really enjoyed barbecuing the chicken!

Day 7 – Chillin’ in Ventura

Today was our pancake breakfast! Marlo and Jessica flipped pancakes in the morning which were delicious! We all did our laundry, a new experience for some of our trip members. Max G., Brandon, Cameron and Will had a great time and looked like pros!!

In the afternoon, the trip members were given options for what they wanted to do. Some stayed at the camp to have some much needed don time while other trip members, like Max A. and Evan played basketball. There was even a group playing football.

The theme for dinner was good old Italian. Pasta, garlic bread and Caesar salad was on the menu. Sam did a great job cooking meatballs! After dinner, it was movie time! The trip members had the option of either going to Katy Perry: Part of Me or The Amazing Spiderman. Many trip members chose Spiderman, and a few ladies showed their dedication to Katy! Both groups really enjoyed the movies and were chatting about their favorite parts on the bus ride back to camp.

We also had our second birthday of the trip: Matthew! To celebrate his 14th birthday, we had cake back at our campsite. Happy Birthday Matthew!

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