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Strawberries, Pineapples, and Marshmallows at Another Great Campfire – California and the Canyons

Cali and the Canyons from beautiful Lake Tahoe!

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We left San Francisco Thursday morning to travel to Tahoe.  Before we got to the campsite we had lunch and went white water rafting on the Truckee River in Nevada: kinda cool to have seen two states in the same day! The rafting was really fun and not too scary.

We arrived at our campsite that night to beautiful weather.  We had dinner and had some time to explore the campsite. While some of us prepared dinner, others had the chance to play some basketball and some campsite games. The night finished off with s’mores and singing by the campfire. 

Saturday kicked off with a beautiful breakfast spread including eggs and bagels. After breakfast we headed to the beach, where we took advantage of the incredible weather. Some of us went waterskiing, tubing or wakeboarding, and while others waited their turn, they had some time to chill out in the sun. There were also some card games and volleyball going on, with a BBQ lunch of hot dogs and hamburgers. The beach was super crowded and filled with people celebrating July 4th Weekend. Towards the end of the day, we went on  agreat cruise of Lake Tahoe, then had dinner and finished off with some “fundue” — we devoured strawberries, pineapples, and marshmallows at another great campfire. There was also a great Woodstock cover band playing a concert at the campsite that some us of enjoyed listening to. 

The next day, we headed to Ventura and arrived to a beautiful sunset. We spent the night around the campsite and made some great July 4th cookies.

Sunday we headed to the beach, which was followed by adventures at the Laundromat. We all managed to keep our clothes intact. Nothing shrunk and nothing turned pink! After laundry we spent some time around the campsite and some of us went to the pool. We spent the night at the movie theater; some of us saw Transformers, others saw Up.

Yesterday, we packed up and headed to LA. We went straight to Universal Studios and went on the Studio Tour as a group. Then we had the chance to ride great attractions
such as Jurassic Park, The Simpsons Ride and The Mummy Coaster. From there we went to Hard Rock Café for dinner and then had the chance to check out the shops on City

Today, we are using the UCLA facilities, followed by a trip  Bear’s bookstore at UCLA and then off to Rodeo Drive! We plan on finishing the day at the Improv comedy club to have dinner and watch the show. Looking forward to updating you more soon.

Trip 11!