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Start to Finish, The Brasita Mora School in the Central Valley & 3 Houses with Habitat for Humanity

Dear Families and Participants of Costa Rica Community Service programs,

We wanted to give everyone an update on the amazing work that all of you committed to this summer on your respective programs. This summer you undertook the enormous tasks of building an English classroom for the Brasita Mora school in the Central Valley with Humanitarian Foundation, a decade long dream of their principal and their English teacher Marie-Helena (whom many of you met), as well as constructing three houses with Habitat for Humanity on the plains underneath Arenal, near the town of San Ramon.

When the work began with our first trips, both projects started with nothing but flat land (as many of you will attest to). Those first few groups began the projects (both the houses and the classroom) by clearing the areas and by digging the foundations. It was tough work but some of the most important and necessary work. Two weeks later, the groups that passed through were beginning to work on the walls of the houses with Habitat as well as the roof of the classroom for Humanitarian Foundation. The progress was happening but for those of you part of the earlier groups, it is not always easy to see what the end product will look like.

Well, just this week, our final two Costa Rica Community Service groups finished their projects with both Habitat for Humanity and Humanitarian Foundation. Your hard work has truly paid off. We are so proud and thrilled to be able to tell you that all three houses that you started with Habitat for Humanity have now been completely finished. The insides of the houses are being finalized as we speak and the last group working even had the time to dig the trenches for the septic tanks and sewage systems for each home. What an accomplishment!!

And as for the classroom, on Monday, August 8th, the keys to the classroom were “officially” handed over from our last program to Marie-Helena and her students. The class is completely done including multiple murals for the kids to remember all the hard work that every one of you put in this summer.

We hope you are enjoying your time at home and wanted you to see the pictures of the houses and the classroom. These were taken over a week ago, so just before everything was fully done, but we think it will show all of you just how much progress you made and just how important each stage and each step was!!

Congratulations everyone, without all of you, none of this could have happened!!

With warm regards,

All of us at 360° Student Travel