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Standing on the Gold Podium – Australian Outback

The latest from the Australian Outback!

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Upon arrival in Sydney we headed out to the world famous Darling Harbor and took in a breathtaking view of Sydney from the AMP tower. Evan, Aly, and Libby got some great pictures and were showing them off to everyone. Our first full day in Sydney was just too good for words. It started off with a tour of the Sydney opera house and then taking the ferry to Manly Beach and spending the afternoon/evening there. Brandon, Sophie, Nick and Steven were stunned by how spectacular the opera house was and asked as many questions as they could to the tour guide on its history. David, Jordan, Kyle and Corey preferred Manly beach as they love beach towns and a chance to play some Frisbee and football. The Olympic site tour and Bondi beach the following day was another day not to forget. Elizabeth, Justine, Ryan, Zach and Emily got a real kick out of standing on the gold podium in the stadium pretending that they had won a gold medal. It can happen one day! Jenna, Allie, Camille, Emma and Shannon loved the quiet relaxing beach town of Bondi. They said it was a great place to tan and lay back and take it all in.

Playing the photo scavenger hunt was a huge success. Daniel, Cira, Hannah, Jake and Robert got some very funny pictures and videos of people doing hilarious things on the Darling Harbor. For example, one task was to make someone yell out “victory” into the camera and another one was to get someone on their team to flap their arms around and act like a bird. It was too hard to pick a winner so in the end everyone got two scoops of gelato from their Westcoast Connection staff team.

Our last day in Sydney started off at the aquarium and then jet boating was just too incredible. Our final meal together was on a floating restaurant.

Now, it’s off to Hawaii.

Love Always