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Sports Camp in La Carpio and Surfing in Tamarindo – Costa Rica Community Service

Sports Camp in La Carpio and Surfing in Tamarindo - Costa Rica Community Service

¡Hola from Costa Rica!

Sunday began with another day of service work at La Carpio. Trip members were excited to head back and continue to make a difference in such a needy area. We switched groups, so everyone was given the opportunity to paint and play with the children.   What made our second day of service in La Carpio extra special was the trip members handing out their donations. After both groups had finished painting and playing with kids, we all gathered back in the classroom of the school.  Gail arrived with all of the trip members’ donations in her car.  The trip members then brought their bags of donations inside, split all the clothes into different piles for boys and girls, and children and teachers came in a few at a time to each choose a few articles of clothing for themselves.  It was an amazing experience for the trip members to see exactly whom their donations were benefiting.  After all the donations were handed out, we then said our goodbyes and well wishes to the people of La Carpio.  For dinner, we headed to a restaurant in San Jose for karaoke.. It was a fun filled night with lots of laughs, flashing lights and some memorable performances by the trip members and staff.

Costa Rica Community Service at Sports Camp

On Monday we began our last day of community service with the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation by running a sports camp for some of the children from the La Carpio community.  As there are no fields or pools in La Carpio, the little kids from the community were bussed to another area where we met up with them for a day of fun.  In the morning, the trip members split up into two groups.  One group swam in the pool with the littlest kids, and the other group went to play soccer and basketball and play on the playground with the older kids.  After a little while at each activity, the groups swapped.  Before lunch, in addition to pool time and sports games, a large group of trip members and kids participated in an intense game of “Pato Pato Gonso” or “Duck Duck Goose.”  After a morning packed full of activities, we all ate a delicious lunch prepared by the mothers of the children from La Carpio.

Costa Rica Community Service at Sports Camp

Post lunch the trip members helped some of the children with arts and crafts.  Some of the older kids used this time to write letters to some of our trip members.  Also, our group had fun eating fresh mangoes and helping the children of La Carpio collect the fruit that had fallen from the trees at the park. But, the best moment of the day came at the very end when we surprised all of the children with a piñata.  Everyone had a blast watching the children scream with joy and take turns blindfolded to hit the piñata in anticipation of the candy inside. We then said some very sad goodbyes after our most rewarding day thus far. We headed back to the hotel, where we got ready for the evening and headed out to dinner and then to the mall to go to the movies.  Trip members enjoyed watching Jurassic World in English with Spanish subtitles. Fun Fact: Moments from the Jurassic Park series were filmed in Costa Rica near where we went white water rafting!

Tuesday, we said our goodbyes to San Jose and headed for the beach in Tamarindo. We broke off into groups, all enjoying different lunches. Some groups shopped at some local stores while others soaked up the rays and swam in the warm, blue ocean water. In the afternoon we hung ten with the surfers as we had surf lessons. Trip members had a blast surfing for two hours in awesome waves. We then headed to our hotel in Flamingo. Tomorrow we begin our next service project. Until then….Pura Vida

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