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Splash Suits, Life Jackets, Booties, and Helmets – Californian Extravaganza

Trip 5 checks in!

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Greetings Trip 5 Parents!

The last time we wrote, we were on our way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Smitty our driver drove us to the campground located in the shadow of the grand Teton Mountains.  Upon arrival at the campsite, Gabe S. serenaded us with his guitar as we relaxed around the campfire. 

We woke up the next morning eagerly anticipating our adventure through Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks.  While meandering through both parks we saw a variety of wildlife including bison, deer and prairie dogs. 

Later on we arrived at Old Faithful Geyser.  We began to question the faithfulness of Old Faithful as we waited to see it erupt.  Finally, it pulled through soaring to at least 100 feet above the ground.  After a quick lunch of subs and sandwiches we headed back to the town of Jackson, where we whipped down the alpine slide.  “I thought the view from the top of the Alpine Slide was gorgeous” described Wendi M. 


Old Faithful

Old Faithful


After the alpine slide, we enjoyed a great BBQ dinner of salmon, chicken and steak, and had time to relax in the downtown area.  Some of the guys chose to play basketball in the park while many of the girls opted for exploring and shopping.  Alana K. and a bunch of her friends enjoyed walking around and going into the shops downtown. 

We woke up Saturday morning eager to tackle our white water rafting trip down the Snake River.  We suited up into our splash suits, life jackets, booties, and helmets and met our river guides.  During one of the calm times on the river, Andrew G. described his experience when he chose to jump into the water.  “Despite the water being chilly, I loved every second of this miraculous expedition.”  Andrew’s fellow raft-mate, Dylan S. also jumped in the river.  “I had a blast jumping in.”  After rafting, we continued on to Salt Lake City, Utah.

We pulled up to the Lagoon Campground and our site manager introduced us to a few of the campground neighbors.  After dinner, we played a few group games including “Flashlight Sing” and “Slaps” and we made up cheers for each of our work groups. 

We woke up the next morning ready for a day of fun at the Lagoon Amusement and Water Park.  We splashed our way through the morning enjoying the inflatable tube slides.  After a quick trip back to the campsite for lunch, we made our way back to the amusement park, where everybody loved the rides.

We’re now on our way to San Francisco, and we’ll update you from there, including how our first time doing laundry went. 

Talk to you soon!

Trip 5