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Spirit Animals with the Australian Outback!

An update from the land down under!

The Westcoast Blogger

Hello Australia Parents!

Today was our final day in Cairns.

Cairns was, of course, nothing short of spectacular. We spent our first three nights at the Wallaby Lodge and did some “back to basic” activities. Allie, Zach, Steven and Sophie’s favorite part of the Wallaby stay was not just seeing a breathtaking waterfall, but actually getting to swim under it. Brandon and Evan had the most fun on the night canoe as they got to see Nocturnal Australian animals, an activity they had been really looking forward to.  The Aboriginal day included didgeridoo making and spending the evening with Aboriginal families; an experience that none of us will ever forget. Each tour member was told their spirit animal which was later painted on their didgeridoos. For example, Daniel is a cassowary, Elizabeth is a butterfly, and Emily is a dolphin. The didgeridoos hold sentimental value to each one of us as we carved them ourselves. Nick, Rob, Jake and Jenna are pretty good at their didgeridoo carving skills.

We celebrated Rebecca’s birthday here and she got a really special treat! The Aboriginals brought her up on stage while the whole community (including Westcoast Connection) sang her happy birthday Aboriginal style and the leader of the Aboriginal community (Phil) presented her with an authentic Aboriginal painting that she says she will cherish forever.

Canoeing and mountain biking was a great way to start out our next day. Kyle, Jordan and David are potentially future Lance Armstrongs as they were the fastest bikers out there and barely broke a sweat.  The “Battles of the Sexes” was a phenomenal Westcoast Connection surprise activity. The boys vs. girls game with questions and physical challenges was filled with nothing but laughter and excitement. It was a close game however the boys did end up winning. After saying good-bye to the Wallaby Lodge and our good friend “Tall Paul” it was off to our five night stop.

Guiglielmo, Shannon, and Emily thought that scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef was the best day on the trip so far. They just could not stop talking about how beautiful the sea life was. Other tour members felt that their best day on the trip was the cable wakeboard/knee boarding day. We celebrated Camille and Zach’s birthday in Cairns who each got their very own cake with some loud happy birthday group singing and their very own personal Hawaiian lei and koala bear =nd boomerang keychain. Rafting on the Tully River was another day loved by all. Aly, Corey, Emma, and Sam had a blast.

We have to get going now as Ryan, Libby, Cira, Justine and Hannah are now saying “Onwards Sydney, here we come!” but stay tuned for more from the land down under!

With love from all of us,

The Australian Outback Crew