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South Bound – American Voyageur

South Bound - American Voyageur 1
Hi all,
Let’s get you up to date on our adventures the past week.

Our first morning in Seattle we went to Pike Place Public Market. Our first stop was the gum wall where we stopped to chew and add to this local art installation. Then we walked by the first-ever Starbucks where one trip member joked that they heard the local coffee was pretty good there. We ended our tour by watching the fish mongers throw large fish across the market. During free time, many trip members enjoyed Pike Place specialties, like the world famous mac ‘n cheese at Beecher’s Homemade Cheese.  The trip members also enjoyed the fresh produce and the rows of beautiful flowers.

Next, we made our way over to the EMP (Experience Music Project) where we had time to explore exhibits, jam out and perform in the simulated onstage experience. One group formed the band Where’s Daddy and performed Seattle classic, Thrift Shop by Macklemore. Trip members loved playing the drums and learning about the start of the grunge scene in Seattle. After rocking out we made our way to Whirly Ball, a combination of bumper cars, lacrosse and basketball. It was so impressive how quickly some trip members picked up the sport.

The next morning we headed out on our group flight to San Francisco! On the bus ride to the airport we played all our California favorites to get hyped for the next part of our adventure. After settling into our hotel,  we made our way to Oakland to watch the A’s play against the Toronto Blue Jays! The Canadian trip members were super excited to cheer on their home team. We all had a blast!

On our second day in San Francisco we went to Alcatraz, the island that used to be a prison. Trip members were very interested in the prison escape stories and enjoyed taking pictures in the prison cells. Then we headed off to explore Pier 39 where one trip member was super excited to go into the Lefty’s store and buy all sorts of left-handed items built just for them. Many trip members also enjoyed the local and fresh seafood. Later that afternoon we went back to the hotel to get ready for our big night out on  the town. We ended the day at Club City Nights to dance the night away! Some trip members remarked that they felt so old being in the club and one trip member said it was the best night he has ever had!

On our last day in San Francisco we enjoyed a lot of the attractions the city is famous for. We started our day on Lombard Street where we walked down the winding street and enjoyed looking at the beautiful homes and views over the bay. After that we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, which has its famous sunburst orange color so it doesn’t get lost in the city’s infamous fog. Then we had time for lunch in Sausalito. Trip members enjoyed looking into the cute boutiques and eating while enjoying the beautiful water views. Next, we made our way back across the Golden Gate Bridge (by bus this time) and went to Ghiradelli Square. Trip members enjoyed ice cream, dipped strawberries, and hot chocolate from the first Ghiradelli in the world. To end our day we took the cable car to Chinatown for dinner. Trip members enjoyed ‘hanging off’ the sides of the cable car and couldn’t believe that the cable car went up such steep inclines. Our dinner at the Oriental Pearl was delicious. One trip member got a fortune cookie saying they were about the travel to great new places and we all laughed at how accurate the fortune was.

The next morning we made our way to the Tahoe Valley Campground. We enjoyed an afternoon of beach volleyball, tennis, and basketball before preparing a delicious pasta dinner. Before bed we played charades and the dating game – we have some talented actors and comedians amongst us, that’s for sure!

Our second day in Tahoe we headed to Lake Tahoe for water skiing, tubing, wake-boarding and relaxing on the beach. While the weather was gorgeous, the lake’s water is pretty chilly, but lots of our trip members braved the cold and took a polar plunge in the crisp blue water. They commented that it was very refreshing. We ended our lovely beach day with a sunset cruise around Lake Tahoe followed by a great snack of chocolate fondue before bed.

Now we’re off to Los Angeles!  Can’t wait to see what this famous city has in store for us!

Until next time,

The Westcoast Blogger


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