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Soaking up the Sun by Lake Tahoe

We kicked off America’s 239th birthday with a voyage south to the beautiful and lush Lake Tahoe. The staff decorated the bus with streamers, posters and window decals in red, white and Old Glory Blue. We played trivia games, learned some fun-facts (for instance: did you know that Americans consume 100 acres of pizza every year?) and sang the national anthem to commemorate Independence Day.

On our journey, we stopped at a ropes course in the Squaw Valley where the 1960 Olympics took place. Lots of our trip members confronted their fears and climbed up to the highest course and zip line.

Finally, we arrived in Lake Tahoe, which was absolutely gorgeous! The trees were so old that they towered above us and their trunks were thick as semi-truck tires. Our campsite was filled to the brim with excited trip members, eager to celebrate the 4th of July in true American fashion:  barbecue, music, and fireworks. We could hear the fireworks crackle well into the night.

Our first morning in Lake Tahoe began with homemade french toast at the campsite and a cruise around the lake. We blasted music and laid out in the sun while enjoying the beautiful view of the surrounding mountains, some still powdered with the remnants of snow. The water here is so blue and clean that you can see straight to the bottom!

Later in the day we ventured to the beach where we went water skiing, wake boarding, and tubing. The water was refreshing and helped us cool off from the sun. While we waited our turns to participate in the water sports, we laid out in the sun and splashed around in the tide pools left behind in the sand. It was a much-needed relaxing afternoon at the beautiful Lake Tahoe.

The next stop on our West coast tour will bring us to San Francisco. It will be our first big city stop in California and we can’t wait!

-The Westcoast Blogger