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From Skating to Surfing! – The Adventurer


Dear Adventurer Parents,

We left Los Angeles all satisfied with what we had accomplished and were still eager to conquer the itinerary set for San Diego.

The group spared no time in San Diego as we immediately planted ourselves under the shining sun at La Jolla Beach. Gen S, Julia S, Kim and Hallie enjoyed taking in the heat and the sounds of the ocean. Meanwhile, Mattie and Emmy took on Jeremy S. and Sam in the card game Kent. The game got so intense that they decided to keep the competition going until the very end of the trip by keeping track of the score.

Following the day at the beach, the members settled into the campground and enjoyed the Night Circus activity. Isaac and Mitch were among many who tried their hand in glow-in-the-dark ring toss, while Jared B and Oli tried to best each other in glow-in-the-dark bowling.

On day 30 we visited the world famous San Diego Zoo. Jared B, Louis P and Zach B enjoyed seeing flamingos, bears, giraffes, elephants and all sorts of animals while on the bus tour. Rebecca was so excited for the zoo that she got a stuffed animal of her favorite animal, a Tiger! Ashley G, Melissa B, Albert and Julia S took the Skyfari, an elevated gondola that allowed for visitors to take-in the sights of the Zoo from above! Just after the zoo, we all got to go ice-skating. Sydney B, John A, Shayne, Chad and Austin flew around the ice and found it very cool to skate in a city that never has snow. As well, there were tons of Trip Members willing to strut their hockey and figure skating skills.

We then spent the evening on the port at Seaport Village. Isaac bumped into his cousin on another Westcoast trip and was very excited to see her. Meanwhile, Issie and Olivia spent their time relaxing and taking in the sunset at a nearby hammock shop.

The next day the trip became true Californians by surfing the waves of San Diego. Toni M, Richard C, Hannah M, and Zak S picked up the sport very quickly and were able to get on the board and consistently cruise the waves. Totally rad! Everyone left the beach extremely happy and comparing surf tales.

Adventurer Catching Waves

After the ocean adventure, the trip caught a baseball game on a beautiful clear night at Petco Park to see the San Diego Padres take on the St. Louis Cardinals. Harry, Eric W, Benji Z and Oli P were so excited to experience a game in a park they had never been to before. Gavin and Harlan were also so excited that they brought their mitts with them with hopes of catching a foul ball. Mitch F and Louis-Alexandre were lucky enough to have actually gotten a souvenir game ball. Talia T, Sydney B, Shauna, Julie S, Sabrina W and Jon L danced the night away to try and get themselves on the big screen!

Next stop is Las Vegas and there’s nothing short of sheer excitement in the air.

Viva Las Vegas!

The Westcoast Blogger