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Singing in San Fran! – California & the Canyons

And they’re off!

Day 1 was more than a success. As we gathered in SFO airport, all that could be found were smiling faces and laughing trip members. Our group began to mesh immediately. Trip members Sam  S, Jordan and Zach F talked about their love for sports in our first ice breaker game, and found other trip members with the same interests! It’s incredible how many friendships are sprouting on this trip!

Kiki displayed her love for our Canadian staff and trip members by talking about their incredible Canadian spirit, use of the word “eh” and love for hockey. She says that one day she wants to live in Canada! Zach B also showed some Canadian admiration with his hilarious Canadian impressions. But the airport party did not stop there, Brett whipped out his deck of cards and the magic show was ready to begin. Brett amazed every single trip member and staff with an amazing card trick, leaving us all shocked with our jaws dropped. We begged for an explanation, but as always, a magician never reveals his secrets.

Later on in the day, while waiting in line for the cable cars, trip leaders Andy and Carolyn shared a tune with a local busker, while trip members laughed, videotaped, and later even sang along! This made for a very musical and fun-filled cable car ride. Ain’t no mountain high enough for our cable cars! When we arrived in Chinatown, we split into our staff groups. Bobo bought some lovely San Fran souvenirs for his family back in China, and Jacob E, Jake F, and Will borrowed some guitars (from local buskers, I think we’re starting a trend!) and showed us their musical talents. Nico bought himself a penguin hat, which was quite comical, but served well as it got a little cooler that night. And no one was more surprised than Jack when he truly enjoyed the Chinese food in Chinatown. Only the first of many new things we’re going to experience!

California & the Canyons at Chinatown

Day 2 got even better. We ventured to Alcatraz and got to listen to testimonials from the prisoners – truly an eye opening experience. Then, we went for lunch at Pier 39, and were joined by our new friend Cody! Sam S, Maddie O, Sydney, and Taryn went to see the sea lions and thought they were adorable. One of the sea lions was quite the performer, swam in circles, and waved to the spectators. The day culminated with us watching the the baseball game which was made even more exciting as the trip members desperately tried to get onto the Jumbo-tron by dancing and flailing their arms hysterically. Annie and Kyla enjoyed watching the game while Grant and Justin took the opportunity to try the local favorite – garlic fries; we are still awaiting their reviews!

We’re all prepared for an exciting Day 3 and cannot wait to see what’s in store.

Hope you’re enjoying the summer sun like we are,

The Westcoast Blogger