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Sightseeing in the Canyons

Hi Parents!

Only a blog or two left before your teen is back home. This blog will cover our last two days of camping on our trip, something I’m sure plenty of us will miss.

Day 16 was spent traveling to Ruby’s Campground in Utah.  On the way we stopped at Zion National Park where we  enjoyed the many views around us. We kept active by doing some games in the field. Danielle and Jessica B. impressed us with some cool cartwheels and cheerleading tricks. On our way out of Zion National Park our drive took us through a large part of the park and we managed to get a lot of beautiful pictures.

After the park we headed towards supper at Chuckwagon Cookout, where an interesting surprise was waiting for us. Before supper, we were given the history of the area we were in, which had hosted several famous movie stars who had come to film Western movies, and as such, they had their own Western movie set. We were split into groups and acted out our own Western Movie, where Jacob D. acted out an awesome “Good Guy.”

After supper we headed to our campground, which was beautiful and had an amazing view of the starry night. At the campground we started a competition, which had two teams competing in a collection of activities. The two teams were Quickly (A common word said by Roger, the bus driver) lead by Cici and Zach, while the other team YOLO (You Only Live Once) was lead by Amanda and Jake M.

On Day 17, there were a ton of activities such as wheel barrow races, a three-legged race, and more. Sarah, Sam, Sari, and Alex G. all did an amazing job with them. Then we had the Apache Relay Race, which was an incredibly close race, with Julia C. sprinting like a champ, Michael rocked the pie-eating contest, Jerilyn tried her best at tug-o-war, and team YOLO came out on top after an intense competition. That night we had the teams create a skit, songs, and a cheer. Andrew wrote an amazing song to the tune of Wonderwall by Oasis, Maude acted really well as Roger the driver, Aaron did a great impression of Leslie our trip leader, while Lea did an awesome impression of Beryl our trip director.

The same day we went to Bryce to explore the beautiful canyon and go on a great hike. Everybody got some amazing pictures and enjoyed the beautiful day.

We ended our night with great anticipation for the Grand Canyon, Sedona and our resort stay in Scottsdale.

We still have 1 more blog to go so stay tuned!

Until next time,


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