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Service and Surfing, a great mix!

Greetings from Flamingo! On Tuesday we had another great day of community service, during which we had the opportunity to connect with local grandmothers who shared their stories with us. It was a very powerful experience. After painting, building, cleaning up, and saying goodbye to the community members we’ve gotten to know, we wrapped up our day with dinner and Karaoke- Macie and Justin stole the show!

Yesterday we took surfing lessons at Tamarindo Beach and everyone did really well! We all got up on our boards at one time or another. Saeree and Griffin seemed to be naturals, and rode on almost every wave they tried! Sal and Natalie did great too, and we caught lots of smiles from them…despite a few falls on their first few waves. We ended the day with a group dinner and refreshing ice cream. We’re excited for a new community service project tomorrow when we’ll get to work with families from this great community and help them brighten up their homes!

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