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Service, Surfing and Smiles-Community Service Costa Rica


Hola! Como estas? The past few days have been full of exciting adventure activities and some fulfilling community service projects. Day 7 was our second day in beautiful Rincon. In the morning we took a short hike to a secluded cove, where we spent time swimming by the waterfall and admiring the scenery. Lila’s favorite part of the day was taking a dip in the natural pool after the walk. After lunch we headed to the mud baths to enjoy the all natural spa experience. Taryn said later that she found the mud baths were so refreshing after the past few days of service. After our mud bath experience this afternoon, we decided to have a relaxing evening activity stargazing, telling stories, and playing games. Hannah told us that it was a great way to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty of the sky at the end of the day. Our evening was also filled with some more Costa Rican cuisine which we have really been getting into. Blake and Jane have grown to love the Arroz Con Pollo, which is a staple in the Costa Rican diet.

Day 8 we left Rincon and made our way to the beach of Tamarindo where we all learned to surf. Eric thought surfing was “sick” and loved walking around Tamarindo. Vanessa was so proud of herself for standing up three times on the surfboard while Alexa felt she had improved tremendously since the last time she surfed. Ryan also showed off his impressive surfing skills. Hang loose! We also had a chance to explore a bit of Tamarindo. Andrew bought himself a souvenir hammock to bring back home and Jake bargained with a local craftsman for two handmade whistles. The group split up for lunch and Sam and Austin enjoyed their lunch on the beach with a waterfront view. This is the life!

We resumed our community service on Day 9 as we helped to paint an underserved school. Izzy displayed great work ethic and attention to detail while working on the school. In the afternoon we went to a gorgeous beach and Lexi and Ashley enjoyed their time relaxing in the sun. The current excitement of the trip is the game Gotcha, which involves trying to get your person out by making them say a specific word. Abby started as an underdog but quickly showed everyone that she is not to be taken lightly in the game of Gotcha. Our evening activity was a night out at the disco. Julia tore up the dance floor and taught everyone how to Dougie (dance move).

Day 10 we finished painting at the school. The classroom we worked on came out beautifully and everyone was pleased to see the finished product. We spent the afternoon at the beach soaking up the sun and playing in the Costa Rican waves. Jack had the opportunity to show off his serious body surfing skills. In the evening we enjoyed dinner at the hotel and then all of the trip members enjoyed some gelato. Tomorrow we are off to Arenal, a real volcano! Looking forward to the second half of our Costa Rican adventure.

Hasta la vista!

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Group shot-Community Service Teen Tour