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Service and Surfing in Style! – California Community Service

Community Service California

Hi again!

This has been an amazing week of rewarding service and California fun.  We worked hard again at Habitat for Humanity in the ReStore warehouse, as well as on a build site of a home on the border between USA and Mexico.  Maddy, Allie C, and Allie G. had the best view from the top where they laid down the lining before the shingles.  They also had a chance to practice their dance moves to keep the group energized! Sam, Erica, and Kiana were hard at work painting at the back of the house, while Aliza and Sara started painting on a big wall of the garage.  Jake and Danny got an arm workout while digging through some concrete to make holes for some fence posts.  Then they sealed the new posts in with cement.  Jake was so proud of his work that he brought home two huge cement chunks as souvenirs.  Isabella and Peter did an awesome job of installing the insulation, and Rebekah and Agathe rocked at blowing it in the walls with a special machine.  At the end of the day it was amazing to look back and see how much of a difference 21 people could make in the house building process!

The next day we visited the Boys and Girls Club of San Diego.  Kristen really shined as she played tag with the kids and was touched by some of their personal stories.  At the end of the day we had an energizing game of dodge ball with our new friend JP who came to visit our trip and lent a hand for a bit.

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The highlight of the week was definitely our surfing lesson at San Elio beach.  The instructors were so impressed with our group and how we were all successful at getting up on the boards right away.  Jake was our all-star and was the first to catch a big wave from far out and start carving!  In the afternoon, we relaxed on the beach in the gorgeous California sun.  Gavin and Peter played catch, while Rebekah and Beatrice convinced Agathe to come out for a swim despite the seaweed.  That evening, everyone participated in a group effort meal of lasagna and salad.  Sara helped prepare the salad with Erica and Kiana, while Sam, Aliza and Gavin set up the tables and prepared the room for the meal.  Nicole directed the brownie prepping with Hailey, Danny and Maddy, and they were a huge success.  In fact, the entire meal was a success!

It was time for everyone to transition as we packed up our bags and jumped in the vans to head towards Los Angeles!  On the way we stopped at a beautiful town called San Clemente for lunch. Sam, Sara and Beatrice joined Peter, Renee, and Sandi for a photo shoot at the end of the pier with ice creams in hand.  Kristen came too, and enjoyed the fish scenery from the pier as well. Aliza kept everyone focused on the photo shoot, and then it was time to head back to the group and on to LA!  Hollywood – here we come!

-Your CA2 blogger




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