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Sensational Start in San Francisco! – Ultimate California

Greetings from San Francisco,

Our trip started off with some great excitement and energy, and we couldn’t wait to hit up some of San Francisco’s biggest and most popular attractions. After we settled into the hotel we had the unique experience on one of San Fran’s classic modes of transportation. On the trolley cable car, some of our trip members snapped some great pictures and took in the sights.  Both Paige and Rachel got to practice their French skills or as they say “notre francais,” while speaking with a Belgian family.  Many were impressed by how hilly San Francisco truly is after riding the cable car.

Day 2 took us on a great adventure to the infamous “rock” in the San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz. We had an eye opening audio tour of the prison best known for the most villainous of people like Al Capone and Robert  Franklin Stroud aka “The Birdman”.  Adam found the tour to be “thought provoking” while Andrew thought it was “very fascinating”.  We took a short walk from the Alcatraz dock over to Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf for some lunch and souvenirs.  We had the chance to catch a cool dance show in the center of Pier 39.  An all girls dance team ( with the exception of one young male dancer) brought a fun and very spirited energy to the famous pier. Stevie, Jenna S., Dori and Jessica watched the dancers and couldn’t believe their talent. They all loved the only boy dancer who really showed some great dance moves.  Dinner was a great experience for everyone as we got to eat at Mel’s Diner, a “Diners, Drive-In & Dives” favorite. Guy Fieri of the Food Network wasn’t wrong, the burgers were delicious and the diner atmosphere was truly unique. A visit to San Francisco would not be complete without a stop at Ghirardelli Square. Many people indulged in some of the world’s best ice cream. Just upon entering the shop, each visitor was treated to a sample of their famous chocolate. Yum!

Day 3 took us over a few bridges as we journeyed to some great sights on the west coast of the USA. Our first bridge ride was to the Oakland Coliseum to watch the Oakland A’s play against the St. Louis Cardinals. As we were representing the local team, we were thrilled when the Athletics won their home game! Despite them not being The Mets, Gillian still had a great time at America’s favorite pastime. We then had one of the best photo opts one could get right before we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge. The large group was split up and given the challenge of trying to come up with the most creative or original poses in front of the orange bridge. We did find out that the actual color of the bridge is in fact “international orange” and even has its own paint swatch. After we took a quick drive over the famous bridge we headed off into the sunset for some dinner and a round of bowling. Mandy showed some great skills as she knocked down several pins, at the same time. We all had a good laugh though when her ball jumped a lane but never hit any pins, talk about a gutter ball! We are all looking forward to some water fun in Lake Tahoe and you will be hearing from us soon.

Until next time, as we leave our hearts in San Francisco.
Robyn, the Westcoast Blogger