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Seeing the Peaks of Greece! – Backpack Greece, The Islands & Italy

Kalimera (Good morning) from Greece!

We are cruising the Mediterranean to Naxos as we speak but we wanted to catch you up on what we’ve been up to the last few days. The last time we checked in we were on our way to Olympia.  The power of the ancient ruins was evident from the moment our trip members ran the dusty field where the Ancient Greeks would come and compete against all the best athletes across all of Greece.  Our trip members learned a lot from our knowledgeable guide and Jamie, Jess, Louise, Lauren and Devyn all ran the length of the track.  It was a truly memorable experience for all of us.

BP Greece, The Islands & Italy in Greece

We left Olympia behind and made our way to the rapids to do some white water rafting en route to Nafplio.  Our guide told us that the river is low in the summer but it would require our trip members to row the river in synch as a team-needless to say, our trip members had no problem working together to conquer the rapids! Daniel, Josh and Ben all led the way to a mountain waterfall after the rapids and we took turns rinsing the whitewater off in anticipation for our drive to Nafplio.  When we arrived at Hotel Marianna, our trip members were in awe of the beauty of the hotel’s sweeping views of the cityscape as well as the overlooks to take in the ocean air.  We took the stone pathways from the hotel down to the city center where our trip members were able to spend time exploring all that the town had to offer.  Jewelry, olive wood items and gelato all topped the lists of our trip members’ shopping.  We woke up the next day to travel to the ancient city of Mycenae.  Our trip members relived the legend of the Trojan War and the actions of the ancient King Agamemnon.  We hiked up to his ancient palace and looked at the sweeping views of the ancient city states that once could be seen from the top of his palace.  Once we returned to our hotel, we participated in a Greek dance lesson where trip members were taught the fundamentals of Greek dance on the rooftop.  Jamie, Jason, Ben, Daniel and Josh all took to the dance like pro’s and were soon dancing and clapping their way through the song.

BP Greece, The Islands & Italy in Greece

We hiked up the steps to Palamidi Castle, where our trip members took in the views and celebrated their feat of the 927 stair climb.  Next it was onto Athens where we toured the Acropolis, and enjoyed a traditional Greek meal that ended with each of our members able to smash plates. Everyone loved being able to scream “Opa!”!   As we leave for the Greek Islands, we are sure our final leg of the trip will be filled with close friends, sunshine and postcard-like views.  Till next time!

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