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Seeing the Gracefulness of Greece – ON TOUR Backpack Greece, The Islands & Italy

As we move deeper into Greece, we’ve really been enjoying the beautiful countryside. Many of us did not realize how mountainous the interior of Greece is!

Monodendri was a beautiful area that was small and quaint. During white water rafting, Jacob B. kept falling into the middle of the raft and had trouble getting back into his paddling position, but laughed the entire time.  The best part of rafting was when the whole group hiked to a picturesque waterfall. Everyone took a turn going under, with Sam and Max K. competing to stay under the falling water longer than each other.

OT BP Greece, the Islands & Italy in Greece

In Olympia, Carly was very excited to learn about the ancient games.  In the stadium, Gabriel was victorious in a foot race among the Trip Members on the site of the very first Olympic Games.

In Nafplio, Ryan was an eager student at our Greek dance lesson, and was quick to show off his skills. Jackie picked up the steps very easily, impressing the instructors with her rhythm.

Nafplio is a terrific town with many neat shops and restaurants.  At the ‘pirana’ restaurant,  Daniel befriended the terrifying fish. At Liz’s cupcakes, Carly, Nicole, Alexa and Jennifer got their picture taken with hopes of joining other guests on the wall of fame.

OT BP Greece, the Islands & Italy DancingWe were all very proud of ourselves for hiking up to the top of the hill in Nafplio to reach the fortress. It was a challenging 990 steps, but well worth it for the stunning views of the city and beach. Max B. and Nicole raced to the top, blowing us all away with their stamina and speed. While inside the fortress, Bort and Alexa explored and squeezed into an old prison cell they found.

Once in Athens, we toured the Parthenon, and had the chance to take some wonderful photos of this architectural wonder with the expansive city in the background.  At dinner that night, Jackie, Isabel, Lindsay and Lauren demonstrated their recently learned Greek dancing skills as we were serenaded by live music in a local square.

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